UnSocial Social Media – Surfing LinkedIn Profiles As Anonymous

Do you browse LinkedIn profiles and choose to be displayed as anonymous? Why?

Do you creep on LinkedIn profiles and only display yourself as anonymous? Is that good “social” media behavior?

[COMIC] The Facebook Quota

Has Facebook become your modern day soap opera? Are you sharing too much information?

Has Facebook become your modern-day soap opera? Are you sharing too much of your daily drama?

[Comic] Why Are We On Facebook?

Why, again, are we using social media?

Engaging in social media isn’t easy. Before jumping in and building channels, think through what you want to accomplish and what your customers need from you.

Cupcakes And Controversy: A Lesson In Business Social Media Etiquette

What happens when one business beats up another using social media?

What can we learn when one business takes their anger out on another business in the social media space? Check out this great post by blogger Amy Stewart.