PLEASE Don’t Visit My Google+ Page! Here’s Why.

Google+ - Do Not Proceed Beyond This Point

I have a real, valid reason for asking you not to visit my Google+ page. Check out this post and you’ll understand why.

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

Check out my brain dump of more than 101 social media tips and best practices

In this post, I do a social media brain dump of tips, best practices, and experiences regarding social media strategy and the various social networking channels.

Creating A Friendly URL For Your Google Plus Page

Do you know how to create a friendly URL for your Google+ page? Here's one tip to use your Wordpress blog to create one!

Want to create a friendly URL for your Google+ page? Leverage a simple plugin and your Wordpress blog to easily make your Google Plus URL easier to remember!

Good Or Bad – You Must Engage With Your Customers Through Social Media

Are you prepared to engage with your customers online? Your customers are expecting it!

Participating in the social space is becoming a cost of doing business for most companies and requires preparation for engagement with customers who have had both positive and negative experiences. Are you ready to engage?

Sorry Google+ Even A Really Cute Muppets Commercial Won’t Convert Users

Google trieds to lure users back to the channel with a cute Muppets commercial

Sorry, Google. It will take actual new feature functionality to draw me back to Google+. Until then, thanks for the cute Muppets commercial, though.

Google Waves Goodbye To Wave…Should They Do The Same To Google+?

Google Announces The Sunset For Google Wave. They Should Probably Turn The Lights Out On Google Plus Too

Um…did everyone forget to tell Google that GWave died about 2 years ago? Are they just now getting around to turning out the lights? Maybe they intended to send this message about Google+ and forgot to change the name from “Google Wave” to “Google+”?