[COMIC] The Facebook Quota

Has Facebook become your modern-day soap opera? Are you sharing too much of your daily drama?

Removing Trending Articles From Your Facebook Timeline

Tired of Facebook pushing trending articles to your timeline? Here are some steps to block the apps that post to your timeline without your permission.

New Facebook Ads Give Me More Reasons Not To “Like” Pages

Today, Facebook announced that if you “like” a page, that page owner can now create a “Sponsored Story” and take your image and status update, and turn it into an ad that can be spread across Facebook without your permission.

Facebook Places Is A Big Privacy FAIL

Earlier this week, Facebook announced the launch of it’s new geolocation feature named “Places”. If you previously have been ignoring services like FourSquare, GoWalla, Yelp, and WeReward you might want to start paying attention RIGHT NOW!