Cartoon: Social Media Resources

Some organizations treat social media as a part-time activity and don’t dedicate the appropriate level of time and resources.  Social media is also often perceived as “cheap” or “free” because social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube don’t charge for standard accounts.

The reality, however, is that properly engaging in social media or engaging an online community requires time and energy. The larger the community, the more time it will require of your employee (or employees) who are engaging online.

Hey Joe, we love the work you do and would like you to set up and maintain a corporate blog for us.  Thanks, but I really have a full workload, can you take anything off my plate?  Not right now, we're going to need you to do this in your spare time.  $#!@%$!

Be sure that you’re not undermining the success of your social strategy by expecting employees to maintain your social channels in their “spare time”. Help your employees help you by allocating time out of their schedule to listen, learn, and interact with the online community.

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