How Do I Turn Off The Trending Box In Facebook?

Is The New Facebook Trending Ticker Ticking You Off?In case you haven’t notice, Facebook recently launched an addition to the user-experience called their “Trending” box. The content in this widget providers users with a quick way to see what topics of conversation are trending across the entire Facebook community.

While some see this as a great way to learn about new and timely topics, Facebook failed a bit by giving us no way to turn the feature off or even minimize it. Other features like the Ticker, Trending Articles and even the Facebook advertisements in our feeds have options to minimize, disable or remove them so it’s possible that Facebook has not added that feature….yet.

In fact, Facebook has made it pretty clear that there isn’t a native way to turn it off on their support page with the following response.

Facebook does not currently allow users to disable the trending box

Facebook does not currently allow users to disable the trending box

Some Facebook users, however, are kicking back with a petition on asking Mark Zuckerburg to at least give users the opportunity to choose whether they want to see it or not. A response from Facebook, however, has yet to be published.

Luckily, there are a folks out there that just didn’t want to let that Ticker invade their Facebook experience, so here are links to their different solutions. I have tried both, and each worked appropriately in a variety of browsers. If that Ticker is really ticking you off…give them a try:

Using Adblock Plus to remove the Facebook Ticker by treating it like an advertisement

Using the FB Purity Extension to disable the Facebook Ticker widget

So, while you can’t disable it through the native Facebook interface, there is at least a couple options to make it go away. Have another way? Feel free to share it in a comment!



  • Dave Thompson

    It’s true that Facebook doesn’t have an option to hide the trending topics from home page. Facebook should add this option as it’s a user choice to view it or not. But I wonder why people want to hide it from their homepage when it helps you know what are the current hot topics. It’s a new update from Facebook which was previously brought into the market by Twitter. And, it helps you to hang on with different interesting topics and you keeps you informed about what people are talking about.

    • Hedo

      Most of the content in trending is insipid at best or a link to yet another BuzzFeed article, which isn’t news. It’s just half-hearted lists or stealing content to get page hits. The feed I voluntarily look at is already full of links to BuzzFeed.

    • Holly Murphy

      do you want to know WHY we want it hidden? because EVERY freaking story is about dead babies or people hurting kids or someone being found face down in a gutter, or this monster shooting up the place or THIS miserable thing that happend and THAT horrible thing that happened. i dont want to see ANY of it.

    • amyadwina

      I want to relax and enjoy facebook. I want to get away from all the negative gloom and doom I see on the news. I hate seeing every article about earthquakes, floods, fires, death or something else depressing. It makes me crazy!

  • Rebecca Malmberg

    I just wish I could control it’s size. With the sponsored section and the trending section, I now only see 2 items at a time in my ticker.

  • Liz A

    I especially don’t like the fact that Facebook’s staff are deciding what news is trending! I do not think there is an algorithm at all! They purposely are not posting certain news that IS trending all over Facebook! There has to be a separate staff that is constantly monitoring the news being shared on Facebook and intentionally keeping it from spreading by not putting in the ticker. This is disgusting to me. If my remarks are not true, I’m sorry. It’s just very hard to blind me from the truth that our news media is controlling what is reported!

  • George West

    It is very useful, thank you!
    I will try to apply this knowledge in practice.

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