iOS5 Cloud Services Causing Crashes On iPad 1 – Not Resolved

After hearing all the great things that iOS5 has to offer the iPad, I finally got around to doing the update and I have to say…I’m unimpressed. Up until now, my iPad has a been a rock-solid tablet with few crashes over the last year and snappy response times. The iOS5 has now turned both email and Safari into slow apps that are consistently crashing and leaving me with a “white screen of death” while I wait for the iPad memory to catch up with the new OS.

Add to that the fact that iOS5 has not introduced a significant keyboard typing lag in Safari and I go from unimpressed to downright frustrated.

My iPad 1 has been slowed down after the iOS5 upgrade. The email client and Safari have been slowed down significantly email client takes FOREVER to turn on now that I have upgraded to iOS5.

So, in an effort to debug the issue and determine whether there was an identifiable culprit I did a bit of testing and I think I have found the solution. My first inkling as to the problem occurred after I took a screen shot of the email client stuck in the white screen, and then tried to email that photo to myself. I opened my photos and got a black screen that lasted for a good 10 seconds before Photo Stream asked me if I’d like to turn on Photo Stream for iCloud. Hmmm…if the photo gallery were checking to see if my iPad were connected to iCloud, I wonder if that was what cause the delay.

Not only does the email client and Safari slow down significantly, the photos app is really, really slow while checking iCloud services

Yes...This image is a black screen. Notice the title bar? The iCloud service seems to be really slowing down my iPad.

Following that train of thought, I started thinking about what iCloud is now connected to.

  • Email backup…check.
  • Bookmarks backup…check.
  • Photos backup…check.
Adding iCloud connectivity seems to be slowing down my iPad 1 significantly after the iOS5 upgrade

Hmmm...I wonder if turning off the iCloud connectivity will speed my iPad back up.


Hmmm….I wonder if iCloud is causing all of these performance issues. So I went into my iCloud settings and turned off all iCloud features except Documents and Data setting. Guess what…delays resolved. Safari is back to being snappy and email opens right up.

I’m going to continue doing some testing, but if you’re experiencing lags and delays with your iPad after doing the iOS5 update, you might consider turning off the iCloud features and see if that resolves the issue. I know, it sucks not to be able to use this new feature, but I’d rather have a snappy tablet than a brick with fancy features. So, for now this appears to be a temporary resolution. I’d be curious to hear if it works for others.

If you’re seeing the same crashing, please be sure to help raise these issues to Apple’s attention by:

1) Contributing your dissatisfaction on this thread at the Apple Support Discussions on the iPad crashes

2) Be sure you are reporting your crashes to Apple by going to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage and choose to Automatically send the crash reports to Apple. If everyone with an iPad sends their crash reports to Apple, they should get the message that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

If you’ve been seeing slowdowns on your iPad 1 (or iPad 2 for that matter) after the iOS5 upgrade, I’d be interested in hearing about them and any solutions. Please feel free to leave a comment with your input!


NOTE:After writing this post, I have continued to have issues with my iPad 1 and iOS 5, not mention an unfortunate incident with Apple Community Support. I have written 2 follow-up blog posts and I encourage you to read them, as they impact iPad owners and whether there is even any possibility of Apple acknowledging this issue or fixing it. Sorry for the bad news…Should I Upgrade My iPad To iOS 5? For Now….No!and

Apple Support Discussions – A Great Example Of Community Management Gone Bad


  • Glad not to have activated #iCloud with update: iOS5 Cloud Services Causing Crashes On #iPad1 – Resolved

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  • MikeWJ

    My iPad started acting squirrely the day I installed iCloud. Crashes, slow loads in Safari, etc. I turned off the automatic iCloud options and it seems to work better, but it’s a pity because I like having my data stored in the cloud, especially since it’s useful for syching my iCals on my personal and work iPads.

    • Glad to know it’s not just me, Mike. I agree about the iCloud services, hopefully patches for iOS5 will be coming soon.


  • gotglassesrmaichin

    I had to turn off all iCloud functions on my ipad2 as it slowed the system down. My iPad is not as fast as my 6 year old Lenovo to begin with, so any dimunition of performance is unacceptable.

    With ios5 my mail loads too slowly, and it never loads mail more than a few hours old. The iPad is still tethered to my real computer and iTunes, so the hype that led me to buy my iPad this month was baloney. I was telling my non computer owning friends that here was a way for them to finally enjoy the Internet experience. Apple made me a liar with this non-improvement.

    How do I revert this back to the previous version of ios4?

    Disappointed with this product.

  • Oliver

    Same issues here….removed all iCloud synch (left backup on) and things are much better, not quite as fast but back to acceptable …
    Seems to be ipad only? No iPhone 4 users complaining?

    • Glad to hear it worked for you, too, Oliver. I still think iOS 5 has slowed down my i Pad 1, but at least it’s functional again. When I look at the features that the OS upgrade offered, I’m not impressed. Without the cloud update, we’re left with Subscriptions (magazines app already offered this), tabbed browsing in Safari (Atom browser already did this) and a couple of other minimal feature updates.

      Not that thrilled.


  • iOS5 Cloud Services Causing Crashes On iPad 1 – Resolved via @socmedsean

  • Oliver

    Yes ios5 definitely slowed it down but I can now work…I also noticed some apps crashing now but I noticed app vendors are starting to release bug fixes for those apps. Maybe apple needs to release bug fixes for email and web client to accommodate for ios5?

    They better fix it soon since its a major improvement and a bg incentive to buy more apple stuff: I don’t yet have an iPhone but I was thinking getting one if the iCloud feature meant that I would easily find all my pics, files, music anywhere on any devices…
    Maybe I need an iPad 2 (or 3!) for this?!

  • @zavackiy @mrzombie Мне чуток помог этот совет –

  • У кого первый iPad тормозит после апгрейда до iOS5, как у меня, – попробуйте это . Не до конца, но помогает

  • Why #iPad1 was so bogged down and laggy after the #iOS5 update. It was the cloud! Read here how I fixed it.

  • Kayleen

    I have also experienced crash and lag time with this recent update. Pushing aside the fact that to update took almost two hours to update with iOS 5, my most used app Manga Storm has been dragging so slow I am seriously debating on whether to reinstall it and lose all of my stored up data. One thing that I have not heard much talk on is about the pay for storage on the icloud. I turned icloud off hours after I just installed it on my iPAD. 5 gigs is nothing when you think about storing all your songs, videos, contacts, photos, and e-mail (to name a few). My apps in total take half of the total used memory. To me, I really dislike the idea of having to pay for additional memory. I feel very uneasy about trusting someone else to protect important information for me regardless of how many claim that they are safe. My rule of thumb is that there is no absolute certainty for anything in life. To deny the possibility that some hacker can’t hack into icloud or some malicious employee can’t steal and gain access to anyone’s data is just plain foolish. When will there be a point when we say that more stuff or more cool options might not be so great when what you have is already all that you really need?

    • Sorry to hear you’re experiencing the same issues. I’d definitely try re-installing the app and see if it resolves the issue. I have read some reports that reinstalling applications after the iOS 5 upgrade on i Pad 1 and iPad 2 have resolved issues.

      With respect to the cloud, I agree that 5 gig isn’t much when it comes to storing music and movies. I like the concept of the cloud more for backup of my iPad settings than anything, so I don’t have to plug it in to a computer to restore or perform upgrades.

      I like the direction that iOS was taking…I just think it’s not up to the high-quality standards I expect from Apple.

      Let us know if you choose to reinstall Manga Storm. I’d be interested to hear if it resolves the slowness and lag.


  • Bob

    Tried this and I can definitely see an improvement on my iPad 1. I also have an iPhone 4, but it seems to be unaffected by the upgrade.

    • Glad to hear this helped, Bob! Hopefully, Apple will issue a patch for the cloud issues or speed up the cloud connectivity that may be causing the slowness.


  • iOS5 Cloud Services Causing Crashes On iPad 1 – Resolved via @socmedsean in good Afrikaans: OS5 is nou ‘n pot snot

  • iOS5 Cloud Services Causing Crashes On iPad 1 – Resolved

  • Luke Holmgren

    Had the same problems with slow response on my ipad1 after upgrading, turned off all iCloud features–save for documents and photos…huge difference right away!–back to its former speed. I bought my iPad a couple months before the next one came out, less than a year ago–I should think that an apple product would not fall into obsolescence after one year. I honestly had to check my impulse to run out and get the iPad 2.

    • I’m with you, Luke! I, too, had to resist the temptation to buy the iPad 2 to avoid the slowdowns. Unfortunately, I’m hearing that the iPad 2 isn’t immune to this slowdown, either. While it certainly doesn’t appear to manifest itself as frequently, it looks like the iPad 1 really takes the brunt of the slowdowns caused by iOS 5.

      I’m actually thinking about going back to an Android tablet and seeing how some of the new Samsung or Toshiba tablets operate. I had one in the past, but wasn’t as impressed as I was with the iPad. With the prices dropping on the Android tablets, I may just give one another shot.

      I’ve been keeping an eye out for any updates from Apple, but have yet to see an announcement about a patch to resolve the issues. I’ll be sure to update this post if/when I hear anything.


  • @socmedsean iPad1 iOS5 slowness advice helped but pad still worse than before iOS5 upgrade

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  • iOS5 Cloud Services Causing Crashes On iPad 1 – Resolved via @socmedsean

  • Cheryl Ekstrom

    I (fortunately?) have not updated the iOS on my iPad1 yet, but my mother has. She has not activated iCloud yet, so all iCloud settings are turned off. However, her typing has slowed down o much, skipping letters and everything in her email. If it’s not the iCloud, what do you suppose it could be?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Unfortunately, after a few more weeks with my iPad on iOS 5 I have come to the realization that it’s not the cloud services, but just a shoddy OS or a bad upgrade process that is causing all the slowness on the iPad 1. Check out my follow up articles at:

      Should I Upgrade My iPad To iOS 5? For Now….No!


      Apple Support Discussions – A Great Example Of Community Management Gone Bad

      Unfortunately, it sounds like the next step is to do a factory reset and then re-connect your email accounts and re-install your apps. I’ll probably be doing this later this coming week and will report back on whether or not it resolves the issue, so keep an eye out for new blog posts.

      If this is the way Apple is going to move forward, Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave.


  • It appears that Apple has issued iOS 5.0.1 beta to developers for testing. This first patch is focused on the battery issues that iPhone 4S users are experiencing, but hopefully they’ve been paying attention and are addressing some of the memory issues that are causing crashes on the iPad, too.

    Hopefully, we’re on our way to fixes for this issue without factory resets.

    Stay tuned…


  • Lenny m

    Turned all iCloud off except the data and yes it’s running normal now on my iPad 1 , also my iPhone 3G has improved, I cloud is not needed really, I did turn on reminders also and it still works fine , I don’t need anything else really so thanks for the info

    • Glad to hear that it worked for you, Lenny! FYI, Apple has finally released iOS 5.0.1 which has a series of bug fixes in it. Hopefully, the slowness when cloud is activated is one of them.


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  • FYI…it appears that iOS 5.0.1 has resolved some of my iPad crashes! I’d be interested to hear if others are seeing the same thing!

    Holy Cow! Apple iOS 5.0.1 Resolves Some Crashing Issues With The iPad


  • Pamela Thomas

    Apple furtively installed iCloud and a mobile phone app on my Windows 7 32-bit system a couple of weeks ago. I started having dismal performance around that time and spent a huge amount of time trying to figure out what was the matter. First of all, anywhere I was typing would not stay focused. I found a registry setting on focusing that had been changed from the default of 200,000 to 0, and changed that back. The focus problems was fixed, but performance was so bad it would take forever to move from one line to the next on a spreadsheet, to type text in, etc. It was so bad the machine, new and carefully guarded for extraneous materials, was almost unusable. I just uninstalled iCloud and the mobile phone app – neither of which i need as I am not an Apple person and only use iTunes to rip music. Instant correct, the pc performs perfectly, even without a reboot!

    • Interesting report, Pamela! My experience was similar with the iPad when the cloud services were turned on. The keyboard lag was so excruciating that it made the device almost unusable. Add constant crashes to that and it made iOS 5 the biggest bust since I have owned the device. When I turned off the cloud services, I got my keyboard back, but the crashes are still continuing, albeit less with 5.0.1. Praying that Apple is paying attention and addressing the issues for iOS 5.0.2.

      Thanks again for sharing!


  • @rreynaldom muchos foros dicen que va por aquí el pedo..

  • gratuit

    Admiring the persistence you put into your website and in depth information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  • Truls

    Seems that “restore all settings” will help. Worked for me on my ipad 1, 64 GB.

    For details – see the posting by rick1972 on

    • Glad it worked for you, Truls! I still get quite a few crashes, probably 8-10 every day and I did a full reset of the iPad back to its factory settings as a new device. I’m still hoping the iOS 5.2 will include some memory management fixes as this appears to be occurring because of out of memory errors.

      In the meantime, I will be buying an Android tablet as the long-term replacement for my iPad.


  • JohnL

    I was told to upgrade to iOS5 for certain Apps to work. I decided to check if i should upgrade before i jump in. This is/you are what i found. Thank goodness. How come they/apple hasnt fixed it? They need to be told by Steve?

  • Kristi Winton

    Thank you for such informative information. Everything you said about the crashing is exactly what I’m experiencing. I’ve read quite a few articles on the issue and none of them have been as insiteful as yours. Thanks for the helpful tips on what to do! :o)

    • Glad to help, Kristi. I’m keeping tabs on the next release of iOS 5 to see if it helps us at all, as well as keeping tabs on the Apple support forums. So far, Apple is unwilling to acknowledge this issue publicly, but hopefully they are addressing the issue with the next build.

      Keep checking back and I’ll keep updating these threads.


  • Anngail

    It is the new year and I am having the same troubles as described above. Long emails crash. Safari crashes. Went to apple store where they verified the crashes, thanks guys, reinstalled the entire system thus wiping out what I had. Give me a break guysi am a 67 yo non techie. Worked for a week and now back to the same mess. The keyboard hangs up and whoop! There it goes. What a mess

  • iPad crashes with ios5

  • Tuncel SUNAR

    I do experience crashes after ios 5.0.1 update as an ipad1 owner. I am really sick of this problem. Ipad is no fun anymore. Please do inform me how to overcome the problem or how to downgrade back to a working! ios version if possible. I am so unhappy and probably will not buy an apple product again if this problem is not fixed soon.jan2012.

    • Hi Tuncel,

      As far as I know, there is no way to downgrade your Apple iOS on your iPad 1 or on the iPad 2. Apple wants you to stay on the most recent release (stable or not) so they don’t provide any path for downgrading to the previous version of the OS. The only hope is that they will address the memory issues causing the crashes with the next release of iOS 5.1.

      Unfortunately, it sounds like they are much more interested in features like Facebook integration, rather than addressing memory issues or battery life.

      Sorry I don’t have better news…


  • @m_angelmendez prueba también con esto:

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  • Brooke

    You are my hero for figuring this out and posting! Thank you! My iPad 1 was getting so bogged down that I did a factory reset and it still didn’t solve the problem. Your solution did! And it’s funny because I upgraded to the new platform months ago and never noticed any slow down until now. At least I’m back up and running now. Thanks again!

    • Glad it helped, Brooke. It seems to help some people’s iPads and sometimes makes no difference on others.


  • artutro

    i upgradaed to ios5 it erased my default youtube and it i went i safari and nothing wanted to load is there any way to uninstall the ios5

  • Wouter Aukema

    Wow, thank you. Turning off iCloud options really helps. Looks like it performs much better now.

  • Benita Poley

    I to am experiencing crashes with my iPad! To the point where iPad is really not any fun anymore!
    I have turned off the iCloud. But I still experience crashes, just not as many. I’ve been on iTunes an done the restore!
    Ugh this is so aggravating, my husband brought this for christmast 2 years ago paid almost 700 for it! Has 64gb an I’m ready to scream! I’ve wrote apple! An do the respond? No!
    I’ve read it’s a memory problem, well they should fix this problem!

    • Unfortunately, Benita, it looks as though Apple’s approach to “fixing” this issue is for you to spend $700 more and upgrade to the iPad 2. This issue is both a memory issue and an OS issue in the fact that the memory included with the iPad Gen 1 just can’t handle iOS 5.

      My answer was to not play Apple’s upgrade game and I bought a $249 ASUS Transformer tablet that smokes my old, out-of-date iPad in every way. Bigger screen, better graphics, faster performance and NO crashes! Plus I get cameras, video conferencing and all the apps in the Android market.

      I know that’s not a lot of comfort, but just realize that Apple has no interest in fixing this.


    • Also, Benita…your iPad 1 cannot be upgraded to iOS6 or downgraded to iOS4. So bascially, Apple has stranded you with a device that is destined to crash over and over with no options.

      Sorry for the bad news….


  • Randy Konowitz

    I have 2 iPad 1’s (one at work and one at home and both of them are basiclly worthless!!!! I cannot get any app to run longer than 2-3 minutes. I’ve reset them so many times that I’m ready to put a bullseye on them and use them for target practice. Thanks APPLE for screwing up a great thing.

    I reset my work one on 12-18 and from the get very first startup I started getting low memory messages in the diagnostic log. Why bother gathering diagnostic data if you aren’t going to use it.

    • I hear ya Randy! I turned on my notifications to Apple so they were notified every time an app crashed on my iPad. Between my notifications and everyone else who is having these issues, you would think Apple would at least acknowledge the issue.

      But this comes from the company that, when told their antenna’s didn’t work properly on the iPhone 4S, told their users “you’re holding it wrong”.

      Apple, as a company, has become so full of itself that its executives think they know better than their users, so they pay no attention to us and dismiss our issues as trivial.

      This is the primary reason that I bought myself an Android tablet this year and won’t be buying another Apple product for a LONG, LONG time.


      • Phong Vu American idol

        I hear ya.. I feel bum after 2 days of ipad1 bought,

  • Phong Vu American idol

    Yes it’s 2014 and I bought iPad 1 realize I can dl cam app . N recently set iCloud n got slow downs n lags n crashes… Follow this blog instruction n it HELPS …

  • hiiii you shared an important info with networking community.i like it.keep it up.

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