New Cartoon: The Social Media Kneejerk

Engaging in social media means preparing for potential crisis situations. Whether it’s an angry customer, a mistake in a tweet, or some other situation, you need to have a social media crisis plan in place to determine who will handle the situation, how it will be handled, and what process will be followed. What you don’t want to do is kneejerk and respond in a way that isn’t well thought out.

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  1. New Cartoon: The Social Media Kneejerk #socmed #crisis

  2. @pavchahal Have you seen this Remind you of our ideas? :)

  3. New Cartoon: The Social Media Kneejerk – Turn off Twitter!

  4. The #SocialMedia Kneejerk via @socmedsean Someone Tell Him You Can’t Turn Off #Twitter

  5. Too many times, I see a social media kneejerk when a crisis arises. Even though there was a plan #smmanners


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