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Updated: ZaggMate with Keyboard for Apple iPad – Issue Resolved By Great Customer Service

Updated – 01/27/11 – Kudos to Zagg for responding quickly and resolving the issue (see below). Well done!



Don’t use the USB charging cable that came with the Zagg with Keyboard. This cable has small tabs that keep it secure in the unit. Unfortunately, the pressure required to remove the tabs also unseats the charging unit. Do yourself a favor and get a standard micro USB cable with out the tabs and use that.

One of the things that kept me from buying an iPad for so long was the fact that I don’t type well on glass keyboards. Whether it’s a phone or tablet, I have yet to find a glass keyboard interface that just works with my fingers. So, when I saw the ZaggMate with Keyboard banner ads plastered all over the tech websites I read, I decided that maybe it was time to take the plunge, buy an iPad and try the ZaggMate.

The Zaggmate with Keyboard offers an attractive compliment to the iPad, providing a steel case and bluetooth keyboard

I bought my first ZaggMate with Keyboard through my local Best Buy, getting the last one in stock just before Christmas. My initial impression was that for $100, this product was a steal. Very nice brushed metal finish that matched the iPad case perfectly and the iPad fit snugly inside the case. I like this, because I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I want my iPad investment to be protected. The bluetooth keyboard is definitely smaller than a netbook keyboard and felt slightly cramped, but I didn’t think it was anything I couldn’t adjust to. The keyboard paired in 30 seconds and I was up and running. The micro-USB charger is the same as the one I use for my Samsung Moment, so it didn’t bother me that the keyboard doesn’t charge using the standard iPad charger.

Unfortunately, when I plugged the charger in, I noticed that the blue charging indication light was flickering. After wiggling the USB cable, it was obvious that there was a poor connection in the cable provided with the product, or in the Zaggmate with Keyboard itself. After testing with a different cable, it became apparent that there was a connection problem within the product itself. This was unsettling. I was immediately concerned about the manufacturing process used to build the product. I wasn’t willing to shell out $100 for something that was just going to end up being a simple case because I couldn’t charge the keyboard anymore.

So, I reached out to ZaggMate with the following email:


From: Me
Received: 12/7/10 3:32:39 PM MST
To: questions@zagg.com
Subject: ZaggMate quality?

I recently purchased an iPad at BestBuy and decided to buy the ZaggMate + Keyboard as my case/keyboard option. I wanted to share my experience with you. While I love the look and slim profile of the ZaggMate + keyboard, when I tried to plug in the item, the charging light did not light up. After wiggling the USB cable, the light did flicker, but did not stay lit. I determined that I could prop up the cable to keep it charging, but I\’m not willing to accept a product that I have to make work. I purchased the iPad because I want superior quality over the competing Android tablets and I expect that the accessories (both from Apple and 3rd party vendors) meet the same exacting quality as the iPad.

I returned the ZaggMate + Keyboard to BestBuy this evening, only to find that there isn\’t another item available within 40 miles of my location. As a result, my options are to either buy directly from Zagg or to go with a competitor product.

I guess I\’m looking for some assurances that if I order through Zagg and wait to have it delivered, that I\’m not going to be disappointed with the product. I want to know that the item that is shipped to me has been through quality control and I\’m not going to end up with something that breaks on me quickly. I travel a lot and need my devices to function and function well and since the ZaggMate + Keyboard is priced even higher than some of the Apple keyboards, I expect that quality to be very high.

Can you confirm for me that these products are manufactured to a high standard and are put through quality assurance testing? I don\’t want to order another item if it\’s not going to meet my needs.




The response I got was a fairly canned response response from Customer Service, indicating that they weren’t aware of any issues with the charging light.


Hello Sean,

Thank you for contacting ZAGG, where we are zealous about great gadgets! My name is <Name Removed> and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

In response to your e-mail, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused. Our products do go through quality control and we back the ZAGGmate with a 1 year replacement warranty.  We have not heard of any reports with the charging light not working however I have forwarded your feedback to management.

You can see more about the ZAGGmate here:


If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our phone number is 801-263-0699 or toll free at 800-700-9244. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM, Mountain Time.

Thank you for choosing ZAGG! We appreciate your business.


In a followup email clarified that the light wasn’t the issue, that the charging port appeared to be the problem, but didn’t receive any follow up. Deciding to go ahead and take the risk, I waited a few more days and found another unit at a different Best Buy and picked it up.

For almost 30 days, I have been a huge fan of the unit. I took it on multiple business trips, wrote quite a few blog posts using it, and took meeting notes with the keyboard. I loved the fact that the keyboard offers a full set of arrow keys, something that the iPad is lacking. I used the keyboard for probably 8-10 hours after the first charge, so it held a charge for quite a long time. I even live-tweeted from a recent conference with Brian Solis and Jason Falls and the combination of the iPad and the Zaggmate with keyboard proved to be the perfect live-tweeting combo.

The Zaggmate plus Keyboard was a perfect live-tweeting compantion for the iPad during a recent conference with Jason Falls

In fact, my next complaint about the unit came when I tried to charge it. I plugged it in using the provided USB cable, let it charge overnight and then, when I removed the cable the next day, was greeted with the most unpleasant surprise….the entire charging unit came off with the cable (see photo below).

Once again...I have a charging issue with the Zaggmate plus Keyboard

Really….REALLY?!?!? A second unit with a problem with the charging system??

At this point, I have reached out to Zagg for a warranty replacement since the product comes with a 1 year warranty, but have yet to hear back from them. We’ll see how smoothly their replacement process goes.

At this point, I would really have to recommend that people avoid this product. While I love the keyboard and the case, I need tech tools that work flawlessly and for the price, I think that isn’t too much to offer for this product. I find it hard to believe that I got the two units with this flaw.

I’d be curious to hear whether others have had the same or similar issues with the charger on the Zaggmate with Keyboard. Leave a comment if you have additional info to share. I’ll update this post as the details unfold.


Update 01/27/11

Obviously, Zagg is paying attention to the social space and cares about their customer issues. On Tuesday, I received a call from a Zagg representative letting me know that my replacement unit was on the way, including a return shipping slip for the defective unit. I also received a followup comment on the blog post, confirming that there had been an issue with a batch of units, but the process had been resolved.

As promised, I received my replacement unit and as a courtesy, Zagg added their Invisible Shield coating to the new unit, which is really nice. The really nice thing about this whole process is that Zagg resolved the issue before my old unit lots its charge, so I wasn’t without my Zagg with Keyboard at any time.

Well done, Zagg…a great product accompanied by great customer service. I’m not sure I can ask for more and you have earned a repeat customer.


Sean R. Nicholson :Social Media Strategist, Tech Geek, Attorney, coffee addict. I connect people, enhance the workplace, & drive business. I blog at and I tweet at @socmedsean. You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

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  • Dear Sean,
    I bought a ZAGG Keys ProFolio + with backlit keys, for my wife, from the ZAGG website 8/20/13,it came quicker than advertised. We both have enjoyed the performance until last night 10/17/13, when we tried to charge it. 8+ hours of charge & no power. Called customer service and they were very nice. They processed an overnight shipment replacement for me w/o charge. I found your post as others did by searching Zagg charging issues. After reading your thread, I plugged the Zagg cable in to try again. There are no tabs on the micro USB now but when I jiggled the cable, the charging light flashed. I continued to jiggle the cord until it gave me the flashing green charged light. Apparently, the charging socket has a poorly soldered connection. I'm able to type this reply without a problem. All functions, including backlights are working fine. I'll take the replacement keyboard, since it is a good product all around. Hopefully Zagg will improve the QC on this parts soldering connection. Thanks for your efforts to keeep us informed.
    Bill Waletitsch

  • just recieved my ZAGGmate IPad 1 case with keyboard as I bought it new off Amazon. Just took it out of the box last night as It came yesterday. Already I have the blue light issue and this morning the charging port came out with the cable! This was 100.00! How can a company like ZAGG make such a crappy product and not do anything about it! I am working with Amazon but the seller wont accept returns so I have an email out to ZAGG. I sure hope they are receptive as I need the keyboard for travel. I am comforted by the numbers that I am not alone.. guess I should have researched the unit beforehand.

  • Two years later and ZAGG is still having this issue?? Why don't they just make a quality product to begin with? Before I read this post, I also purchased a ZAGG Profolio keyboard in September of this year and I loved it as well....until the charging mechanism stopped working. It seems this is an ongoing issue that ZAGG has not addressed in two years. That is crappy workmanship. Why do consumers put up with this? I will be contacting ZAGG's customer service. Thank you for your post. I'll let you know what happens with mine.

  • I wasted $100 on a Zagg keyboard. After 14 months, three keys quit working. A keyboard in pretty useless when the b and n keys don't work. I have contacted customer service multiple times but only get form letter responses. Since the product is not under warranty, I'm out of luck, but they can't even give me any suggestions how to fix it. After Googling the issue, it's obvious they sold hundreds or thousands of defective products. Zagg products are obviously disposable, but they will only get me once.

  • My charging unit came out too... But unlike you I have no idea where it is... :( my keyboard is only a week old. And I am overseas now.... So sad. Wish they would replace these horrible defective keyboards to all of us. :(

  • Hey Sean,
    My husband purchased the Zagg keyboard for his ipad. When he got it in the mail it was already charged so around the 4th week it had to be charged. He plugged it in and the light came on. The next morning he got up thinking it had charged and low and behold, nothing. He couldn't take it back because he had it too long. He purchased a second Zagg keyboard and it wouldn't charge either. Money doesn't grow on tree's at our house and at this point I would not recommend this product to anyone. Do you have any suggestions? I'm really disappointed in this product. The product looks really nice but looks but doesn't work!!!!!

    • You should definitely call their customer service number. I had a ZAGG folio keyboard that fell apart after 3 weeks. Since it was still under warranty, I sent it back and they sent me a new one. Then, I had the same charging issue with the new one. Will.Not.Charge. I called the Customer Service number and although I wasn't sure how long I had it (it couldn't have been more than 2 months) they offered to send me a new one, and have me send back the one that won't charge.

      If this one (the third!) has issues, I'll have to switch to a different keyboard -- which is a shame, since I really like the ZAGGFolio when it's working!

  • I too have struggled with the Zagg product since March of this year specifically the charging issue. It never has charged without me fiddling with the micro plug by wedging it up and to the side or some other odd configuration. Today it is just too much trouble to even charge. I am hoping Zagg is reading this and will help with a replacement product. I really like the unit but an hesitant to spend another $100 to buy another unit that won't charge, especially after reading all the similar posts.

  • This has happened to my Zagg keyboard case for I pod mini. It no longer will charge at all since the inside came out with the plug. Is this repairable? I've had it for just over a year with minimal use. I'm bummed. :(

  • Thank you Sean for the great post.
    It is still being read 6 years later.
    I bought my " ZaggMate plus Keyboard for Apple iPad " in Summer 2011. It is now mid-March 2017. One of the best investments I have made. After almost 6 years, the ZaggMate Plus Keyboard is still working great. I have other iPads, but I keep going back to the original because of the convenience of the Zagg keyboard.
    I REALLY disliked the original glass keyboard, but when Apple updated the iOS and split the keyboard in have, it was disastrous.
    Good thing I had my Zaggmate.
    I have never a charging issue. I am either one of the lucky ones, or the ones that have no issues, do not post a reply.