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10 More Facebook and Facebook Marketplace Terms That You Might Not Know

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has become the largest global media platform on the planet, growing to over 1.9 billion users accessing the social media giant daily.

With Facebook’s growth, it has continued to add a plethora of new Facebook features and terms, phrases, abbreviations, hashtags, and acronyms. While many of these are popular Facebook terms, they can be confusing to many Facebook users and might leave you asking, What does this mean on Facebook?

Facebook is a fun resource to use to keep up with friends and family, but sometimes there are phrases and terms in the comments, and in particular, in Facebook Marketplace, that might have you scratching your head. Here are 10 terms that you need to understand to be successful in deciphering Facebook.

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What Does Facebook Coma Mean?

What Does Facebook Coma Mean

A Facebook coma happens when a Facebook user appears to temporarily lose control of his or her brain function, which is either a result of, or leads to, an endless loop of reading status updates and scrolling through profile pages.

Being in a Facebook coma is an easy way to feel like you’re actually doing something to pass the time, but in reality, your brain has essentially shut off. Another term for this is “zombie scrolling.” It’s a form of device addiction and is defined as “mindless scrolling out of habit, with no real destination or benefit,” and it’s not good for your mental health.

What Are Facebook Viewpoints?

What Are Facebook Viewpoints

Facebook Viewpoints is a program that lets Facebook users take surveys and perform tasks or try new products that can help improve the Facebook apps while the participants earn rewards.

If you’d like to participate in Facebook Viewpoints, keep in mind that this program is run by Facebook, so getting in contact with the Facebook Viewpoints team if you have an issue can be as challenging as getting in contact with Facebook’s regular customer support. The best thing to do if you encounter an issue with Facebook Viewpoints is to visit the Facebook Viewpoints Help Center.

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook

On Facebook as well as many other internet-based sites, forums, chat rooms, and social media, ISO simply means “in search of.” ISO is one of the most common abbreviations on Facebook and is most often used in Facebook Marketplace for buyers to indicate that they are in search of a specific item.

Making a post in your choice of Facebook Marketplace with “ISO” at the beginning of the post’s title will help others understand that you don’t have that particular item but are searching for it and would like to purchase or trade for it.

What Does Bump Mean in Facebook Groups?

What Does Bump Mean in Facebook Groups

You may have been scrolling through a Facebook group and seen the word “Bump” in a post comment. Whether it’s in a Facebook group or an online forum, bumping a post simply means posting a comment that moves the post to the top.

The practice of bumping a post came from online forums where adding a new comment on a post would “bump” it back up to the top of the active threads. According to Urban Dictionary, “bump” may have originally been an acronym for “bring up my post.”

Keep in mind, however, that the Facebook algorithm doesn’t always show things that are in chronological order by engagement, so bumping something on Facebook doesn’t always make it visible to the group again.

What Does F or Following mean on Facebook?

What Does F or Following mean on Facebook

When someone is interested in a particular Facebook post, they may comment with the letter “F” or simply type the word “follow” or “following.” This simply means that the person wants to receive notifications when others add comments to that post.

This practice originated back in the early days of Facebook when you couldn’t get notifications about comments on a post unless you liked or commented on that post.

Facebook has made some updates so that today you don’t need to comment “F” or “Following.” Instead, you can turn on Facebook notifications for that post. This lets you receive notifications on the post’s activity without having to comment on the post.

What Does H/T or h/t mean on Facebook?

What Does HT or ht mean on Facebook

Some Facebook abbreviations are meant to show appreciation or thanks, like the term “hat tip.” A hat tip is usually given to someone who helped or provided access to a specific piece of content. Hat tip is often abbreviated as “H/T” or “h/t” on Facebook as a way to type and post it more quickly, but the meaning is the same.

Hat tip harks back to a time when fedoras adorned not the heads of hipsters but those of gentlemen fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons. In those days, a tip of one’s hat was a signal of greeting, recognition, and respect. The modern h/t used on social media is likewise a gesture of civility and recognition of thanks.

What Does TIA mean on Facebook?

What Does TIA mean on Facebook

Another Facebook abbreviation that shows gratitude is TIA, or “thanks in advance.” TIA often accompanies a request for help or information. TIA is a way to say thank you to anyone who might be able to answer a question or have an item that you are ISO.

What Does OBO mean on Facebook?

What Does OBO mean on Facebook

Another term used most often in Facebook Marketplace is “OBO,” which means “or best offer.” OBO usually accompanies an asking price if you are selling an item, but OBO indicates that you are open for negotiation by signaling that you would accept an offer lower than the asking price if you feel that the offer is reasonable.

What Does Pending mean on Facebook?

What Does Pending mean on Facebook


Another of the Facebook Marketplace phrases that is used often is “Pending.” Pending signals that the item’s sale is pending, and the item is therefore not currently available.

A seller may post “Pending” to indicate that while the item hasn’t officially sold, a potential buyer has made an offer on the item. However, pending also means that the seller is not going to remove the listing just yet because other interested buyers are free to make an OBO offer on the item. Sometimes the original sale falls through, and the seller will sell the item to a secondary buyer that has made an OBO on the item.

What Does PPU mean on Facebook?

What Does PPU mean on Facebook

Another Facebook Marketplace abbreviation is PPU, or “pending pick up.” A seller uses PPU to let prospective buyers know that the item has been promised to another buyer and if that buyer picks up the item, it will be considered officially sold.

However, when a seller uses PPU, it leaves the door open that if the item isn’t picked up, it could be returned to sellable status, which means you could have an opportunity to buy it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this information and found it useful. If you have additional tips or experiences related to Facebook phrases, I encourage you to post them in the comments below!

— Sean