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10 sure signs you’re addicted to social media

Nearly all of us have made the reasonable realization that social media is here to stay and it’s not just a passing fad. Some of us, on the other had, have gone to the extreme end of the spectrum, allowing social media to become a driver in our lives.  I have compiled a list of some true social media stories that are clear indicators of social media madness. Grade yourself and see how you stack up:

If you have done:

1-3 of these, you are still on the sane end of social media.

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4-7 of these, you’re bridging on need of an intervention.

+7 of these, you need of professional help.

10 sure signs you’re addicted to social media

10. You have set your alarm clock to 3:30 AM and went somewhere to check in on Foursquare so you could unlock the School Night badge.

9. The first photos of your wedding had to be posted on Facebook before the  honeymoon began.

8. Your news sources have shifted from The New York Times, NPR, and CNN to @nytimes, @npr, and @cnn.

7. You have ever shouted “#FAIL” in the middle of a business meeting.

6. You load the browser on your PS3, XBox, or Wii so you can Tweet and Facebook from your TV.

5. You created a YouTube video showing people how to use TweetDeck to update Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, Foursquare and LinkedIn all at the same time. And then you tweeted about it…

4. You have adjusted your route home from work because somebody stole the Mayor badge from your favorite Starbucks.

3. People know you by your Twitter username, not your real name.

2. Before you ever get seated at a restaurant, you have checked in on Foursquare, GoWalla, BrightKite, and Yelp…and the meal will be paid for with a Groupon.

1. Your LinkedIn profile has a link to your Twitter page, your Twitter account is linked to your Facebook page, your Facebook page is linked to your YouTube channel, Your YouTube channel is linked to your blog, and your blog aggregates all your tweets, updates, check-ins, photos and videos in one place.

So where did you stack up? I’d love to hear other suggestions for the list!