2010 – A Great Year For Exchanging Intranet And Social Workplace Articles

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Sean R. Nicholson

2010 has been a great year for Intranets. Web 2.0 finally came out of its shell and the explosive growth of Facebook,  Twitter, and YouTube brought social tools to the mainstream. This, in turn, helped many organizational leaders understand that capturing and sharing information inside the enterprise had a lot of potential, when social tools are leveraged.

In some cases, the same leaders who, in 2009, claimed that social media was “just about people sharing what they ate for breakfast” or “just for kids” finally began to understand that their employees wanted to engage in social media in the workplace and use it to share their work knowledge. As a result, Enterprise 2.0 took some great strides as organizations either added social components to their existing intranets or “ripped and replaced” them with new, social offerings.

The intranet-focused conversations in 2010 were beyond great. When I look back at my 2009 post, it’s great to see that most of the same folks that were blogging and tweeting in 2009 continued to share their valuable knowledge and experience in 2010.  To capture how great 2010 was, I looked back at the blogs of some of my favorite Intranet tweeps and thought I would share the posts I really enjoyed one more time.

In July, 2010 Carolyn Douglas (@carolyndouglas) gave a great breakdown of critical elements any organization should consider when determining whether they should buy or build an Intranet in her blog: When Looking at Intranets: Should you Build or Should you Buy? If you’re considering implementing a new Intranet in 2011, this is a great place to start.

One of my very favorite posts of 2010 came from Elizabeth Lupfer (@socialworkplace), who authors a blog called The Social Workplace. Check out her  article Will The Real You Please Stand Up?. This great article focuses on the need to be authentic in who you are, online and offline. This article is as important inside the workplace as it is outside.

My favorite Intranet series this year came courtesy of Rachel Lai (@rachellai83) in the form of  her series detailing the activities that occur each day on an Intranet. The series, entitled  A Day in the Life of an Intranet is a must read for any internal communicator or Intranet professional.

In an article he wrote for CMS Wire in October, 2010, Toby Ward (@tobyward) explains that enterprise social media has become a necessity.  The article does a great job clarifying the need for a social Intranet, as well as some of the barriers that may be encountered during the implementation.

One of the biggest fears that executives face when it comes to a social intranet is that of open communication. What if an employee says something they shouldn’t? What if private organizational information is exposed erroneously? In his September post, Open Communication – Skepticism and Fears, Bas Zurburg (@BasZurburg) exposes this fear, amongst others. A great read for anyone trying to convince their leadership of the value of a social Intranet.

In his October article, Beware of simplistic rules and strategies, James Robertson (@s2d_jamesr) did a great job explaining the dangers of setting arbitrary limitations on your enterprise because it’s easier to define a simple strategy and stick to it, rather than understanding what would really work best for your organization. The article caught my eye because I see these limitations time and time again within organizations, and rarely is there a sound business reason for some of the strategies and tactics.

I’m a sucker for a good game, so when Alex Manchester (@alex_manchester) wrote an article called Enhancing the intranet with game theory and gaming mechanics, I was hooked. In the article, Alex explains how multi-player online gaming and virtual environments are potential tools for developing employee collaboration and engagement within the enterprise.

I hope you enjoy and here’s to a great Intranet 2011!


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