25 Social Media Pet Peeves – How Many Are You Doing?

A while back, I asked a fairly straight-forward question on my Facebook page:

What is your social media pet peeve? Mine is people who just post quotes all day long, thinking they are being inspirational. What’s yours?

The number and variety of responses I got was amazing, so I thought I’d digest them into categories. The value, here, is to help each of us understand what irritates Dear God Please Add Thou Shalt Not Send Auto Direct Messages On Twitter As The 11th Commandmentother people in the realm of social media. Not that we have to please everyone, but if there are a lot of folks who are irritated by a specific behavior (ahem…auto-direct messages on Twitter), we might think twice about engaging in that behavior via our personal or business social media channels.

So…here they are! 25 social media pet peeves contributed by the readers of SocMedSean.

25 Social Media Pet Peeves

  1. Posting a lot of meaningless content (pins, check-ins, etc…) just to artificially inflate your Empire Avenue, Klout, or Kred score.
  2. Only posting promotional posts/tweets/articles and never engaging in a 2-way dialog with your community.
  3. Spam and/or Phishing – via Twitter, LinkedIn email or any social media channel.
  4. Guidance from social media gurus that their way is the only way.
  5. Gurus who charge to teach people how to behave online in a way that is exactly the same as how we should behave in the real world.
  6. People who use social media as a marketing tool, rather than an engagement opportunity.
  7. People who tweet ALL THE TIME!
  8. Silly social media algorithms that don’t make any sense (yes…we’re talking about you Klout, Kred, etc…).
  9. Being asked to RT or share silly status updates.
  10. Being tagged in posts or photos that don’t have anything to do with you.
  11. Spam indicating that you should “follow back” or “get 50,000 twitter followers a day”.
  12. Social sharing tools that don’t allow you to just click and share. Who wants to authenticate with an app?
  13. Self-proclaimed “social media experts” who know tactics, but don’t know how to formulate and actual strategy (Amen to this one)!!
  14. Companies that use social media as an advertising channel
  15. Digital media thieves – Those that steal images and videos that are clearly protected by copyright (not under creative commons license) and use them in their blog posts, Facebook updates, etc…
  16. Auto-posting without any follow-up on the responses that people post.
  17. eBooks that don’t offer any actual value.
  18. People who don’t pay attention to the value of their content. If no one likes or shares your content, think about whether your content is valuable.
  19. Auto-DMs on Twitter. One of my personal biggest pet peeves.
  20. Forgetting about “Thumper’s Rule” – If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all…
  21. People who friend, connect, or follow someone just so they can behave badly and start arguments.
  22. Social channels who keep changing things, even though their community likes them the way they are (hint, hint Facebook!)
  23. MLM scams, “social media marketing” get rich schemes, and anything else that claims to use social media to make you rich.
  24. Junk content that is only meant to bait the search engines, not offer value to readers.
  25. Posting quotes over and over and over and over…

So…how many of these are you doing? Do you have a pet peeve you would add? If so, feel free to add it to the Facebook post or leave it in a comment on the blog post.




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Comments And Reactions

  1. LIKED

  2. Donald Patnaude says

    No.3 Hag got to be my pet peeve. 🙁

  3. bob warren says

    going to repost monday…………..Have a Fantastic Sunday!

  4. Lynn O'Connell says

    Great list! #3, #10, #12, #15 stand out to me. The other thing that bugs me is people who post quotes, facts, or figures that are just not true. (Or worse, ask you to post a plea to help find a kid who is not even missing.) Have to wonder what Jefferson and Einstein think about all the fake quotes posted under their names.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Completely agree, Lynn! I think there is a rush for people to break the news first, rather than take the time to fact check and get it right. #Boo!!



  5. michelle gilstrap says

    Good list, like all 25 and realize you left off the DM that mean nothing.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Great addition, Michelle. With the amount of worthless DMs and auto-DM spam out there, my Twitter inbox has become pretty useless!


  6. Richard Bravo says

    Interesting points Sean…
    I will say however, as a network marketing professional, I really hate it (my pet peeve) when people lump the MLM industry into an egregious comment, like #23 of your list, insinuating mlm is a scam.

    Let’slook at some straight facts:
    77% of sellers have been with their company 1+ years
    80% of sellers say direct selling meets or exceeds their expectations
    85% of sellers report a good, very good or excellent experience with direct selling
    74% of US adults have purchased products from a direct seller
    15.8 million people in the U.S. are involved in direct selling
    $28.56 billion in total US sales
    $117 billion sales worldwide
    *source: Direct Selling Association

    Sure, there are plenty of dumbasses out there giving the industry a bad reputation. But the same can be said of bankers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement, politicians, restauranteurs, moms, dads, kids, et al, that give a bad name to the category in their own respect.

    Every time a blogger such as yourself, with an attentive audience, uses their position to discredit the network marketing industry, you make it harder for that work from home mother who makes a living in this industry to do her job and provide for her family.

    You make it that much harder for that entrepreneurial 20-30 something to follow their passion of living the American Dream.

    Instead of helping the economy, you’re kicking it in the cajones of one of the last remaining sources of pure capitalism.

    I know thats a rant… and I’m absolutely biased.
    MLM has been very good to me, financially as well as at a personal development and business education level.

    But hey, other than that, its a good post =]

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Thanks for the clarification, Richard.

      As with any type of marketing or selling, there is good and bad. There are definitely a broad range of MLM scams out there, along with valid MLM programs that can make people money.

      However….my gut is the pet peeves that were being posted about were the former, not the latter. Seems like there are a LOT of scammers out there that are trying to use MLM as their platform and they definitely gravitate toward social media as their marketing channel due to the huge audience.

      I know quite a few folks who have made good money on MLM through legitimate programs (both online and offline) and it sounds like you have had similar experiences. If we could only figure out a way to separate the valid from the shady, it would probably make people feel better about MLM in general.

      Thanks, again, for the comment!



  7. Savannah Brentnall says

    My pet peeve is brands who run completely illegal contests on Facebook, such as “Click like to enter.” When most of us work so hard to abide by the rules, it makes me nuts when some refuse.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Cheaters suck. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Empire Avenue (mentioned in the pet peeves), there are always people who want to game the system. Hopefully, Karma will bit them in the tail!



  8. Lovely content to follow

  9. Dave Ellis - YouTern says

    Great list!

    It’s so true that social media isn’t a broadcast mechanism. Instead it’s a community building tool… an engagement mechanism. Unlike traditional advertising media such as television or radio ads that talk AT the audience, social media needs to discuss WITH the audience… create dialogue.

    If everyone simply eliminated half of these pet peeves from their social media efforts, they’d be doing themselves a huge favor!

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Soooo many people miss out on the community-building aspect of social media. Ironic, since it’s “social”.

      I agree that just taking a couple of steps and adjusting behaviors could make a big difference. Imagine how much more useful our Twitter inboxes would be without DM spam our AutoDM welcome messages.



  10. Nice – very enlightening 🙂

  11. Tweeters who don’t respond. Ever. Even to an @ message or DM, question or direct comment on their material. I may love your content, style, whatever, but there’s only so much rudeness I’ll tolerate.

  12. Alicia Taylor says

    Great list 🙂 Completely agree about the spam – Follow back and get 20,000 users, etc. It’s just garbage.

  13. Angie Bailey says

    My pet peeve is the “people who hate Mondays.” You know, the people who complain about what day it is everyday until Friday comes. Their weeks go by so slow and their weekends so fast and they have to complain to everyone about it.

  14. Sherrilynne Starkie says

    Yay! I’m only guilty of two!

  15. Number 22!

  16. What about regular tweeters who seem too cool for school and never reply to your @mentions.

  17. When someone’s bio says “I follow back”

  18. Stephen page says

    My pet peeve is when people post pictures of food look at my dinner why?

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