280 Daily Tries To Fill The Niche Between Twitter And Tumblr By Asking You To Archive Your Life

Is there a need for yet another microblogging service? The folks at 280 Daily think so.¬† Their angle is to ask users to summarize their day in 280 characters. Signup was quick and simple, and I was ready to start posting in under 5 minutes. 280 Daily does also have an iPhone and Android app (as well as others), so you can capture your daily activities regardless of whether you’re at home or on the road.

An interesting feature that the site is offering is the ability to export all of your updates to a PDF file, which could then be turned into an eBook or even printed and bound into a physical book. This is an interesting if you want to use 280 daily to capture a unique period of time. Parents might be interested in creating a book about their child’s first year of life or newlyweds might want to create¬† a book from their first year of marriage.

One additional note, 280 Daily is secured behind SSL, a clear step taken by the site developers to address growing security concerns about social sharing. With more and more people updating their lifestreams from coffee shops and other public Wi-Fi spots, the concerns over sending personal information to non-secured sites have grown. By being proactive and putting the site behind SSL, 280 Daily is addressing those concerns right up front.

Time will only tell whether 280 Daily offers enough to distinguish themselves from sites like Twitter and Tumblr.

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