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5 Ideas to Start the Perfect Lifestyle Blog

As lifestyle blogs continue to grow as a popular medium for distributing content, there’s never been a better time to start one of your own. Since the term “lifestyle” encompasses nearly every activity you engage in, there are countless opportunities for what to write about. However, the versatility of lifestyle blogs can also make narrowing down the perfect topic overwhelming.

If you’ve ever considered starting your own lifestyle blog but need some ideas for inspiration, you’re in the right place. Read on for some tips and ideas to help you get started creating the perfect lifestyle blog.

What does it mean to create a lifestyle blog?

What does it mean to create a lifestyle blog_

What is a lifestyle blog? Influencer marketing agency Mediakix defines it as, “a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests.” In other words, lifestyle blogs can really be about anything. They’re defined by the author’s daily life and personal interests. However, what separates lifestyle blogs from personal blogs is the audience-centric messaging. Rather than journaling personal experiences, lifestyle blogs pull from these personal experiences to provide benefits to the reader.

Along with the focus on benefiting the reader, the versatility of lifestyle blogs has helped them increase in popularity in recent years. To make things better, growing the audience of your lifestyle blog can even provide a livable monthly income over time.

Anyone can create a lifestyle blog, but how do you do it? Although starting your own blog from scratch sounds difficult, creating your own lifestyle blog isn’t as hard as you think. The challenge that sets successful lifestyle blogs apart from the rest is consistency and dedication to publishing high-quality content on a regular basis.

However, before you can begin posting to your blog and building an audience, the first thing you need to do is choose a topic. Lifestyle bloggers can either choose to cover a broad range of topics or narrow in on a specific niche. While there is no set rule on what you should or should not include on your blog, each category has its benefits.

What is a general lifestyle blog?

What is a general lifestyle blog_

A general lifestyle blog covers a wide array of topics. People who manage general lifestyle blogs may publish articles on parenting, crafts, product reviews and more all on the same website. However, even general lifestyle blogs that cover multiple categories need a focus. The best lifestyle blogs all have a common theme or tone that connects them within the overall website. A great example of a general lifestyle blog can be found here

Even still, creating a broad lifestyle blog poses a different challenge. The wide breadth of content puts you in direct competition against larger websites to get a general audience. Since starting a general lifestyle blog from scratch puts you at a noticeable disadvantage for building traffic, narrowing your content toward a specific niche is commonly viewed as a more lucrative route.

What is a niche lifestyle blog?

What is a niche lifestyle blog_

Unlike general lifestyle blogs that cater to a wide demographic by covering a multitude of topics, niche blogs hone in on more specific categories. Someone who publishes content for a niche lifestyle blog picks one aspect of their life and expands on it to produce engaging articles targeted to people with similar interests. In addition, authors also sometimes post content that’s viewed as off-topic. However, these posts always tie back into the niche in one way or another.

Because of the narrowed focus, niche lifestyle blogs often bring in better traffic than general blogs. One reason is that you face less competition for traffic. In addition, mastering search engine optimization skills can help your website rank higher on Google for keywords in your niche. Aside from bringing in more initial traffic, niche blogs can also more easily retain an audience. By focusing on a specific topic, readers interested in one article will be more likely to stick around and read more.

While niche lifestyle blogs work better in the long run, choosing your focus can seem impossible. With so many ideas to choose from, where do you even begin? Although selecting a narrow topic may seem daunting, here are five ideas for a lifestyle blog that should help you brainstorm.

Lifestyle Blog Idea #1 – A Passion-Focused Travel Blog

Lifestyle Blog Idea #1 – A Passion-Focused Travel Blog

A passion-focused travel blog is perfect for anyone who wants to turn one of their favorite hobbies into an adventure. While the topic of travelling alone is broad and could get lost in a sea of similar websites, personalizing it with a niche hobby lets your lifestyle blog shine through.

Love to scuba dive? Write content about your trips to dive locations, and review dive shops and gear. Maybe you have a passion for coffee. You can travel the world in search of the best coffee plantations and roasteries and share your experiences. What about reading? You could center your lifestyle blog around travelling to the world’s largest libraries. These are just a few examples. The key is to create a journey centered around something specific you care about.

The narrowed lens of incorporating adventure into your passion will not only be fun for you but also will attract people with the same interests. Readers who share your passion will enjoy hearing about your travels.

Lifestyle Blog Idea #2 – The Makeup and Beauty Blog

Lifestyle Blog Idea #2 – The Makeup and Beauty Blog

Do you have a passion for makeup and cosmetics? If so, you could create a lifestyle blog focused on makeup application techniques. In addition, you could write pieces reviewing certain beauty products and brands. By providing unique and helpful content, blogs that focus on hair styling, clothing and even personal hygiene can be lucrative.

Lifestyle bloggers with a strong following can earn income through affiliate marketing. Building an audience in the makeup and beauty niche provides the unique opportunity of partnering with related brands and getting affiliate links. Because the products you promote directly benefit the audience, you’re likely to see success through dedication.

Lifestyle Blog Idea #3 – Turn Your Job into a Blog

Lifestyle Blog Idea #3 – Turn Your Job into a Blog

Some bloggers take their professional experience and turn it into a lifestyle blog that’s helpful to its readers. For example, an educator for special needs kids might help share tips on how to help advance the education on those with special needs. Another example could be a video editor who reviews and compares popular software.

In essence, you can turn your career into a successful niche blog. Your experience in the industry not only makes you a subject matter expert, but you can help other people in your field with useful tips to provide benefit to all. With an audience comprised of peers, a career-niche blog additionally provides the opportunities to network and learn from your readers as well.

Lifestyle Blog Idea #4 – Sharing Your Financial Experiences

Lifestyle Blog Idea #4 – Sharing Your Financial Experiences

Are you good at managing your finances? If so, you likely have some useful tips and strategies that others might benefit from. Finance is always important and targeting a niche audience looking to maximize their earnings could prove beneficial to all parties. You can have the satisfaction of helping other people with their finances and grow a blogging career as well.

Ultimately, there’s money in helping people make money. Managing a niche lifestyle blog centered around finance offers up the opportunity to become an affiliate with online course providers in the same niche. Aside from earning a commission when people sign up for courses, sending your readers to a helpful online course provides them with further benefit.

Lifestyle Blog Idea #5 – Crafting with Kids

Lifestyle Blog Idea #5 – Crafting with Kids

If you love creating crafts with your kids, this lifestyle blog idea may be for you. You can share your success stories with the world. In addition, your lifestyle blog can focus on sharing tips and advice for parents who want to create crafts with their children. You can also write articles specifically on ideas for new crafts that kids will love.

Lifestyle blogs focused on DIY projects and crafts are already popular, so narrowing in the focus to working with your children helps you stand out. Parents looking for something fun to do with their children will love reading about your success stories and benefit from the ideas. A lifestyle blog focused on crafting with kids presents a fun way to involve your children in your writing and offers a rewarding experience for everyone.

At the end of the day, the niche you choose to focus your lifestyle blog on should be wholly personal to you. After all, to build steady traffic to your site, you’re going to spend a lot of time writing about it. Regardless, the popularity of lifestyle blogs coupled with the versatility of topics makes the journey a worthwhile venture.

Hopefully, the five ideas we presented help you come up with the perfect lifestyle blog. What are your favorite ideas for a lifestyle blog? Do you have any other ideas you want to share? Let us know what you think in the comments!

— Sean