50+ Social Media Comics And Cartoons For Use In Your Blog Posts Or Presentations

More than 50 free, funny social media comics and cartoons that you can use in your presentations

I have been publishing my social media cartoons and comics for a while now and I often get emails or tweets asking whether someone can use one of my comics in their book or presentation. While I always do my best to answer each one of these request individually, I thought maybe I’d just publish a blog post with the answer, so those who are searching Google for the following phrases might have the answer at their fingertips:

  • Social media comics for educational use
  • Social media comics I can use in my presentation
  • Social media comics under creative commons license
  • Social media cartoons I can include in my book
  • Social media cartoons that allow for usage with attribution

The quick answer to the question, is:

“Yes. you can use the comics or cartoons that you find on SocMedSean.com as long as you provide attribution back to either the original blog post where you found the comic, or to my SocMedSean.com root domain.”

You can find the specifics of my Creative Commons usage license in the right sidebar on any page on my blog, and as long as you make that attribution, I permit anyone to use the comics, even for commercial purposes. So, if you’re publishing your new book or eBook and want to use a comic, I’m happy to contribute to your success and I wish you the best. Just make sure you provide that link back. So, with that clarified, here are more than 50 of my social media comics all in one spot. I hope they make you laugh just a little.

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Twitter, The Ultimate Link Farm

These are the results that I get when I search for tweets about social media budget planning

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UnSocial Social Media – Surfing LinkedIn Profiles As Anonymous

Do you browse LinkedIn profiles and choose to be displayed as anonymous? Why?

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The Funny Perspective of Technophobes

Do you know folks who are absolutely terrified of new technology? So much so that they just dismiss it as silly?

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Should we ask doctors to tweet and post on Facebook?

Should we expect doctors and nurses to tweet and post?

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Understanding Big Data

Big Data May Sound Sexy, But Are You Ready For The Challenge?

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The Complexity of Social Media

Is social media adding complexity to your communications?

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Setting Your Facebook Quota

Has Facebook become the modern-day soap opera?

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Do You Have A Reason For Being On Facebook?

Engaging in social media isn't easy. Before jumping in and building channels, think through what you want to accomplish and what your customers

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Liking Your Own Posts On Facebook

It's kinda creepy when you like your own status updates on Facebook or Instagram.

“Doing” Social Media

So, you've registered all your social media channels, do you know what to do with them?


Parenting In The Age Of Social Media

Social media can be a useful tools for parents, too!

Letting an Intern Run Your Social Media Strategy

Do you have the right person running your business social media channels?

Securing Your Facebook and Twitter profiles

Social Media Security Fail - When Computers And Mobile Devices Are Left Unlocked

Anti-Social Social Networking

Anti-Social Social Networking Comic - Are You Turning Off Your Friends With Your Status Updates?

Anti-Social Social Networking Comic – Are You Turning Off Your Friends With Your Status Updates?

The Social Media Distraction

Do you let social media distract you from your career deliverables or from your real-life relationships? Here are a few tips to avoid the timesink.

Overusing The Word “Agile”

Is your organization agile in their social mmedia activities?

Being A Social Media Channel Changer

Do you take the time to understand how social media works and where the vaulable content might exist?

Is Social Media Encouraging Us To Be “Always On”?

Do we really need our social media and mobile devices to be everywhere we go?

Getting Your Social Media Strategy From A Book

You wouldn't develop your business plan from an eBook, right? Why build your social media strategy from one?

Facebook Is Just Out For Our Money

Dear Facebook - Just Because We Share Something Doesn't Mean You Should Monetize It.


Checking In Everywhere On FourSquare

Foursquare is evolving to become more of a recommendation engine, but is it a good thing?

Making Content “Go Viral”

Just ask me to make your social media content go viral...see what happens!

STOP Sending Auto-Direct Messages Through Twitter!

Do not auto-direct message your Twitter followers

Seriously? Do You Really Need Those Gadgets?

Do you really need all those mobile and social devices or are they actually interfering with your life?

The Social Media Timesink

Do you let the social media timesink distract you from real life?

Keeping In Contact With Your Online Community

Are you prepared to communicate with your customers? They want to communicate with you!

What Should Your Metrics Be Telling You About Your Blogging and Social Media Strategy?

What do your social media statistics tell you about your content? Is it good? Do your followers like it?

Making Money On Pinterest With Copyright Violations

Are you violating the copyrights held by others with your Pinterest pinboards?

Getting Into Online Arguments With Trolls On Social Media

Here are some tips and tricks to help you avoid starting an online argument via social media channels

Defraggling That Hard Drive

If you want to speed up your computer, one of the best things you can do is clean up the hard drive and defragment it

Is There A “Truth” In What You Read On The Web?

Do bloggers have a responsibility to check their facts before publishing content? Is something true just becasue we heard it on a blog, Facebook, or Twitter?

Why Don’t Customers “Like” Our Facebook Page?

Social Media Cartoon - Why Don't Our Cutomers Like Our Facebook Page?

Are You Treating Your Customers Like They Are The Enemy?

Do you treat your customers like they are the enemy? Or do you look for ways to empower your customers to help you?

Didn’t We Automate Our Social Media?

Do you automate your social media activities? Is it hurting your ability to connect with your community?

Do You Even Know What Your Klout Score Means?

Pouting about Klout doesn't really have any effect, since Klout doesn't let us know how to positively impact it

Planning A Budget For Social Media

Is your organization planning next year's social media budget? Be sure to spend the time allocating budget and resources!

The Newfangled Nature Of Social Media


Dedicating The Right Resources To Your Social Media Activities

Do you devote the right time and resources to your social media campaigns?

The Simple Reason Not To Buy Twitter Followers

Too many folks try to go the easy route and buy Twitter followers. Unfortunately, the followers you get are usually not your customers or prospective customers, so the value of the followers is little to none.

Getting Your Content To Go Viral

How do you measure whether something goes viral on social networks?

Do You Know How To Find A Social Media Expert?

Finding A Social Media Expert isn't always easy

Is Your Startup Just Another Social Media “Me-Too”?

Too many entrepreneurs are trying to create the next "Facebook killer" or "Twitter killer". Trying coming up with something new and unique instead!

Are You Experiencing Social Media Overload?

Social Media Overload

Have You Experienced A Social Media Kneejerk

The social media kneejerk - How those who don't understand social media often react to a social media crisis

Old School vs. Modern Marketing


Are You Jumping Headfirst Into Social Media Without A Plan?

Cartoon: Rushing Headlong Into Social Media

That Tough First Day Where Social Media Is Blocked At Your Job


Is Social Media Messing Up Your Social Life?


Determining Whether Social Media Has A ROI

FourSquare x) Please don't publish every check-in to Twitter and Facebook. It's incredibly annoying and it exposes your personal whereabouts to those who might be willing to stop by your house while you are gone and relieve you of your flatscreen TV. x) If you don't know someone personally, don't ask to follow them on FourSquare. It's creepy. x) Add comments to your check-ins that will help others. Don't just check-in, tell others why they should (or shouldn't) check-in to that place in the future.

Exposing Your Social Media “Guru” As A Fraud

Does your social media expert know the difference between a social media strategy and a social media tactic?

Developing A Social Media Strategy For Your Company


Creating A Social Media Budget

The unfortunately reality of how social media budget planning goes

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