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6 Questions [and Answers] that Are Commonly Asked About Pinterest

Leveraging the power of online marketing through the social platform Pinterest can transform your blog into an economic engine. Pinterest has a vast, high-earning demographic, and with the right approach you can easily convert this high-quality traffic into buyers.

Pinterest users are affluent and like to spend money, and although their audience is majority female, male usage continues to grow. Capitalizing in the early stages of this expansion will help boost your brand awareness and increase the visibility of your products.

Whether your target audience is predominantly male or female, Pinterest is an excellent way to build your authority and trust while simultaneously exploding your monthly blog traffic.

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What Is Pinterest?

What Is Pinterest

What is Pinterest used for? Well, in addition to being a social media platform, Pinterest, much like Google, functions as a search engine.

A Pinterest profile is composed of boards. Each board has a theme and pins that link directly to a website. Everything you add to your profile is findable inside of Pinterest and Google.

Based on the strategy you use to share your content you can become a leader in your industry of choice. Pinterest is a robust visual collaboration social network tool.

It allows you to create conversations around your pins through their private messenger feature. Users can send their favorite pins or a standalone message to their friends and family about how much they love your content, making it a powerful sales engine.

Referrals lead to more trustworthiness, a proven way to generate high-quality sales leads. Several niches do incredibly well on this platform, from travel, fashion, parenting, home decor, to fitness.

But any specialized area that you teach or provide content and value for has the potential to perform well if you are consistent and employ the correct strategy.

What Are Some Common Uses of Pinterest

What Are Some Common Uses of Pinterest

  1. Pins

Pins are the bookmarks that help you keep track of the content you save on your boards, an excellent way to keep your information organized and accessible. You can pin any existing pin you find online or on the Pinterest platform. A pin can be in an image, video, or product form.

  1. Pin Boards

Think of Pinterest boards as the book and your pins as the bookmarks. Boards are divided into categories or themes where you can keep your pinnable content.

Pin boards function similarly to file folders, helping to keep your information organized and separate. Pin boards help create an organized structure to save, share, and locate your pins. You can start with a few themed boards, add relevant pins, and expand from there. 

  1. Connecting with Others

The best way to connect with users on Pinterest is by consistently creating fresh, new pins. You want your audience to see your brand as a reliable presence.

Being consistent allows you to build trust with your followers. Creating content that is aesthetically pleasing and inspirational will help you achieve this.

Establishing yourself as a thought leader and building your following is simply a matter of how dedicated you are to generating the pins your target audience is already searching for.

  1. Building Your Profile

Building your Pinterest profile is simple. It consists of a cover image, a small bio linkable to your website, and a snippet of your created pins.

To maintain brand esthetics, upload an image consistent with your brand. Also, remember that Pinterest is a search engine, so including popular keywords in your bio will help get more eyeballs to your profile.

You’ll also be able to see your followers are in your profile as well as your monthly Pinterest views.

Is Pinterest Just for Women?

Is Pinterest Just for Women

While women are the majority users of Pinterest, plenty of men find it to be a useful tool, as well.

The secret to connecting and growing a massive Pinterest profile account with a male target audience is to give them exactly what they’re looking for. The reasons women browse Pinterest are distinctively different from their male counterparts.

Women tend to be attracted to content with inspirational undertones. Their pinning practice is akin to an online vision board.

Men tend to use Pinterest as a visual bookmark. They use it more straightforwardly for things they plan to purchase at a later time.

According to Pinterest, hiking, fashion, and DIY are some of the categories of the top pinned images for the male user demographic. Creating pins that speak directly to men’s needs and wants is a sure-fire way to build a successful, streamlined online presence.

Can Pinterest Help Drive Traffic to My Blog?

Can Pinterest Help Drive Traffic to My Blog

Pinterest is a fantastic way to get free, organic traffic to your blog. Pinterest traffic not only works great for bloggers but also for e-commerce websites, too.

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is primarily for everyday inspiration. You can gain large amounts of consistent traffic through the proper search engine optimization approach.

Below are the steps you need to take to explode your blog traffic and ensure a successful Pinterest marketing strategy:

  1. Pinterest Keyword Search

Pinterest has features both of a social media site and a powerful visual search engine. Users either scroll down their feed or actively search for a specific keyword.

The most relevant keywords based on the Pinterest algorithms are displayed first. According to Pinterest, the most popular keyword queries are composed of two to three words.

The most intuitive way to search for optimized keywords related to your focused keyword is to type your main keyword in the search bar and see what other suggestions populate. The suggestions that are on top are the most popular ones.

Another effective way is to type in your focused keyword in the Pinterest search bar, but this time press enter. Pinterest will make suggestions of the most queried keywords in the color-coded box at the top of the page.       

  1. Include Keywords in Pin Titles

You must include your main keyword in your pins, titles, and images. The related researched keywords can also be added as hashtags in your pin description section to target your users’ intent. This will help you quickly rank high in Pinterest search results.

  1. Use keywords in board titles

Optimizing pin board titles and descriptions with your main keyword is a great way to curate a successful Pinterest profile. The more keywords your profile has, the more it tells people, and the Pinterest algorithm, that you have the exact content users are searching for.

  1. Match your blog post title

The information you share on your Pinterest account has to match that of your blog. Your pins should always correlate to the content posted on your website. Creating an online presence that is cohesive and reliable is an aspect of building trust and brand loyalty with your audience.

  1. Make your pins stand out

A time-tested strategy exists to make your pins stand out from a sea of online content, one that doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel.

Simply research the top bloggers in your niche and see what works for them. You can do this directly through Pinterest.

Type in your niche keyword and click on the profiles tab. Browse through other posters’ pins to get inspiration for your original work.

  1. Apply for rich pins

Enabling rich pins is a way to get more clicks to your pins. According to Pinterest, rich pins are the equivalent of ad copy. The user can have a clear description of your content because it pulls information directly from your blog post.

Is It Okay to Use a Third-Party Pinning Tool Like Tailwind?

Is It Okay to Use a Third-Party Pinning Tool Like Tailwind

If you don’t want to spend time every day pinning posts, then a scheduler is a good tool for you. Tailwind is a scheduler that allows you to schedule multiple pins per day so you don’t have to do it manually.

Tailwind is an official authorized scheduler partner for Pinterest, making it a safe choice. But there are other options available as well.

Pinning can be a tedious and repetitive task that can take the bulk of your day. With Tailwind, the app will publish the content to your desired board on your preferred days. Tailwind’s algorithm is optimized to post your pins at the times your audience is most active on Pinterest.

Tailwind helps with prioritization and increasing efficiency, so you can focus on tasks that are more important to the growth of your blog.

How Frequently Should I Pin to Gain Followers?

How Frequently Should I Pin to Gain Followers

You might be wondering how frequently you should post to Pinterest. Well, consistency is an integral driver of your blogging success. To gain a substantial following, you have to post frequently.

The average pinner pins 5-20 pins a day. Experiment to find what the right number is for you as there’s no one magic number for everyone.

A third-party scheduler like Tailwind can help you determine when the best time to post is for the demographic you are trying to reach.

We hope you benefited from these answers to Pinterest most commonly asked questions. Do you have some great tips for posting on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments!