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A Comprehensive List of Contact Forms to Contact Facebook Support

Ah Facebook, a blessing and a curse. We love to connect, to use the marvelous Marketplace, to build and manage our businesses and our brands. Facebook really has built a home for so many of us to do things we could never have dreamed of just 15 years ago.  

What began as a contact list of sorts for college kids has grown far beyond surely what even Mark Zuckerberg envisioned in his early days.  

Yes. Facebook can be magical.  

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It can also be a pain, especially when it comes to dealing with the problems that inevitably arise from managing your social media accounts, personal or professional.  

Because I have spent the last decade winding my way through every conceivable drama when it comes to accessing Facebook support for help with account issues, either for myself or for clients, I have created a comprehensive guide to contacting Facebook support with consistently updated answers to common questions. 

That‘s the long version.  

Contact Forms on Facebook Support  

In that longer article, I explain that one of the ways Facebook encourages you to resolve issues with your account, from hacking to password lockouts, is by using the artificial intelligence system Facebook has designed to help you navigate to the best answers for you.  

Contact Forms on Facebook Support  

That navigation inevitably leads you to contact forms.  

Many, many contact forms.  

In fact, Facebook has more than 100 contact forms you can navigate to, fill out, and send in to await a response.  

Facebook Support Is Not Ideal Support 

To reiterate, Facebook is not great at supporting its users, particularly personal account users as opposed to business account users who get a bit more robust service.  

Facebook Support Is Not Ideal Support

The executives at Facebook are very clear on this point; they intentionally do not pour resources into support and instead devoted energy to creating these contact forms.  

However, they have also made it clear that you will not always get a response from Facebook after filling out a contact form, so be sure you try all of the other avenues I have included in my longer article 

A Comprehensive List of Contact Forms 

To help you navigate through the process of filling out and submitting contact forms, I wrote a smaller, breakout article.  

A Comprehensive List of Contact Forms 

As I was writing that peice, however, I realized it might be nice for you to just jump the line and navigate specifically to the contact form that deals with your issue.  

To that end, I have compiled a comprehensive list of those 100+ contact forms as well as pages that can help, with their links, in alphabetical order for your convenience.  

If you have a Facebook account, personal or business or both, bookmark this page so you can always come back to it in a time of need.  

It can be a valuable resource.  

Facebook Contact Forms

That list should give you plenty to work with in terms of starting places and forms to fill out, but don’t forget to try all your other options.  

Once you need help from Facebook support, it can be a long journey to get to a solution. But it is possible to get there.  

So don’t give up.  

How about you? Have you had success using the Facebook contact forms or navigating your way through the system? Tell me all about it in the comments.