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Another Win For Old Spice

Unless you were living under a social media rock a couple of weeks ago, you’re probably aware of the Old Spice Twitter/YouTube campaign featuring Isaiah Mustafa to took the social media world by storm. During the week-long campaign, a team of 35 people produced more than 100 video responses to Tweets and YouTube comments.

After completion of the campaign, major news outlets cited Brandweek stating that sales of the bodywash dropped 7% as a result of the campaign. I cried “Hogwash!” on American Public Media’s Marketplace blog, commenting the following:

Come on…it’s highly unlikely that the 7% drop in sales has anything to do with the YouTube videos. I highly doubt that execs at Old Spice expected consumers to run right out and purchase their product because of a fun, interactive social media campaign. If they expected that kind of behavior, they’re missing the point of using social media to impact brand sentiment.

The reality is that the impact won’t be seen until men run out of body wash. I don’t know about you, but at a nickel-sized dollop at a time, it takes me a month or so to go through a bottle. When the consumer is in the market for the new bottle, the question will be whether they will remember the campaign, recall the specific brand, have a positive sentiment, and make their choice based on that sentiment.

With respect to the fact that the ad initially targets women, you might check the numbers as to who actually does the grocery shopping in the house. IMHO, Old Spice was smart to include women in the dialog, since they will likely be the ones choosing the replacement product.

My guess is that we won’t see the actual consumer impact for 30-45 days, just about the time that bottle of Axe body wash runs dry

And the result? This week, AdWeek is reporting that Old Spice sales are up 107% as a direct result of the campaign.  My response to that? A simple photo:

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Old Spice Knocks Out Axe Bodywash

Old Spice Red Zone Knocks Out Axe Bodywash

Yes…that’s my counter top, meaning that in my recent trip to the grocery store, I opted to purchase Old Spice, instead of Axe. Did I do it because I loved the Silver Fish Hand Catch? Did I do it because I wanted to thumb my nose at the early reports indicating that the campaign caused a drop in sales? In reality, it doesn’t matter. Old Spice got another sale and I applaud them for their creative thinking and interactive use of social media.

In my book, Old Spice…Win!