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  1. I rarely comment on blog articles but I really liked this one for “motivational purposes”. I’ll be saving this on my smartphone home screen. Thanks!

  2. Amazing write-up! I feel Glad to have found this article. Thanks for sharing such a useful piece of knowledge. Always a fan of your work.

  3. It is very great article . I can read so easily this blog very helpful for every one thanks for share

  4. This is a so fantastic post . I love this blog . I can ask some question about that post can you please tell me some answers the questions ? will give this site benifit in fuhter . How can a take links about that site . How can a get backlinks . It should rank very faster then other blog site. Thanks

  5. Ify Onuoha says

    Thanks for the motivation. I almost gave up on blogging because I have been blogging for 10 months and no serious traffic. Thank you

  6. Base on my experience it takes 3-5 months before we make our new blog post visible on SERP. depending on the competition of the topic it talks about for some it takes after 12 months to get more organic traffic. So meaning no matter how long as long our content has a potential that people will look on google, it’s not impossible to rank pages.

  7. Ajmer Singh says

    Very nice article… Almost all my questions are answered now… 😊

  8. Thanks for sharing the info, keep up the good work going…

  9. Thanks for sharing the info, keep up the good work going….

  10. “Did you write an article on searching for jobs in the social media space?

    Try finding conversations on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Reddit where the article might be helpful to other people. Don’t spam conversations and make sure the article is actually relevant.”

    I totally agree with you, Sean…Thanks for sharing

  11. Excellent tips. Very interesting

  12. thamks for sharing the honest reply
    this would help me analysing my article

  13. Kundan Sharma says

    Thanks for share such a honest and helpful article.

  14. daniel jackson says

    I started my blog almost 2 months now, but still finding it difficult to rank in google, I think it takes up to six months before a new website can rank in search engine and start to generate traffic

  15. You answered my specific questions, ranking blog posts and not just the whole website but that is an added advantage. Thanks

  16. Fantastic amazing post thanks for sharing.

  17. like

  18. Chukwuka ubqni says

    Very nice post socked Sean, I actually I recently published a post on my blog which is just a year old and I optimized it very well see wise, so my question is apart from using sponsored ads to create awareness, can I just build backlinks to make it rank faster we’d higher in Google?

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Chukwuka – I’d love to tell you that I have an exact answer, but I don’t. I will tell you that I think *high-quality* backlinks are always a good signal to Google that your content it valuable. In addition, it give Google some additional context to “learn” about what your site is about and where the content fits in the page ranks. The key, though, is quality. Low-quality backlinks will do nothing but hurt your site. So, if you’re going to link-build, do it carefully and focus on quality.


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