[ANSWERED] Moving Facebook Photos In A Group Into Different Albums

One of the most common questions that I get via direct message, comments, or tweets is related to a post a published a while back about moving and organizing Facebook photos into different albums.

The steps detailed in that post are specifically focused on individual accounts and the photos posted to your personal timeline.

In that previous post, I showed users that you can move a photo to another album by editing the album and then clicking the menu item for the individual photo that they want to move, as seen in the image below

You can move a photo from one folder to another on Facebook by editing the album and then using the menu for each individual photo

While a lot of folks found those steps to be very valuable, a LOT more surfaced the question asking how to do the exact same thing for a Facebook group.

In fact, just this morning, I received a tweet from @complexrainbo asking about this very specific issue:

As you’ll see, in the Twitter conversation, though, there is no solution to this one at this time.

Facebook just hasn’t extended this feature to Groups at this time. Personal accounts and Facebook Pages are able to move photos between albums, they just haven’t extended that feature over to groups.

So…the answer to the question of “how do I move a photo from one album to another in a Facebook group” is….you don’t. The only real way to do it is to:

  1. Download the photo to your local desktop by clicking into the album where the photo currently resides and clicking the “Download” from the hover menu, as shown below.
    You can download a photo from your Facebook group to your local desktop
  2. Then, you can re-upload the photo to a new album by entering the destination album and choosing “Add Photos/Videos” link at the top of the album.
    You can upload a photo to a new Facebook group photo album

Before you say it…I know. THIS SUCKS! For those of us that have been managing Facebook groups for a long time, it just isn’t reasonable to spend hours and hours downloading and re-uploading, not to mention the fact that every time you re-upload a photo to your timeline, it will reset the data to the new upload date, essentially destroying your ability to review the activities of your group in chronological order.

So there you have it.

I’m sorry that this answer isn’t an actual solution.

It’s just asked a LOT, so I thought I would provide a quick post giving the details for those who are searching Google for an actual answer, but can’t find one.

In case you’re curious as to whether Facebook knows this is a feature request…they are. You can see the posts and related posts here:


but Facebook never really answers and they close the posts for comments pretty frequently.

Have you discovered a way to move photos between albums in a Facebook group?

I’d love to be proven wrong…so be sure to share it in a comment. If I can find  a way to move them, or Facebook update the functionality, I’ll update the post, so check back.



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Can you move or arrange Facebook photos and albums that are part of a group?

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Comments And Reactions

  1. Hi Sean,

    I run a Facebook group and we have organised the albums in chronological order for over the past 5 years +, and all of a sudden, All the albums were mixed up, all over the place.(It is not ordered in any way sort of form, just all over the place :o) I have tried to rearrange the order back to how it was, but after rearranging it, and came back to the albums it is all mixed up again.
    Could you assist me with resolving this matter?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Elizaberh Wright says

    Hi Sean,
    I am an Admin in a Coloring Group and we organize our photos into monthly Albums. I make an Album cover every month and this was all fine until recently when the cover started to move everytime a new photo was added to the Album. Is there a way to make the cover remain as such?

  3. Brian G Eager says

    thanks Sean, this piece has told me what I had suspected…… so download re upload at the moment is the only way …do you think they are ever likely to facilitate Group admins with a tool to move from time line to albums and within albums a group has ..? 64 million dollar question ……but thanks for nailing this topic..!
    big Brian

  4. Christina says

    Did they remove this feature? I dont see this option when I click on any photo in my group to move it to an album.

  5. What I’m reading here is as I expected (sadly). Members of our group are lamenting the difficulty of navigating the thousands of photo “memories” we have accumulated over the past many years.

    However…. this is one of those times when I really really wish that news media and video posters and tech bloggers would DATE STAMP their content. The info looks good, but I have no idea whether it was current this morning, or years ago.

    Which means I have to keep searching, to prove a negative to our members…. (sigh)

  6. Is it possible to move photos within a post to a different album without losing the original post with its likes and comments? There used to be and it seems to be gone.

  7. Hello! I have photos organized by albums in my FB group. When someone comments on a specific photo within in album, the individual photo appears in the group feed. Is there a way around this? To stop them from showing up individually in the group feed? Alternatively, If I delete the image from the group feed, does that also delete it from the album?

    Thank you!

  8. A Facebook friend who runs a public auction group, to raise funds for dog rescue, is befuddled as to why members can now move the photos around in the albums, without being admin.
    Do you have an idea why this could be possible, please?
    Many thanks for any help as it’s driving the poor lady mad!

  9. Hi Sean, thanks for the insights! I have a FB group and my albums are organised. But when I add new photos to them, there isn’t a notification to let people know. Is there some admin trick I am missing? (Anything added to the timeline has a notification- like individual photos or a new album)


  10. Hi Sean

    I do admin a Facebook group. I want to organise my pictures within the album. It worked in the past but since some days, when I organise my pictures in the album the way I want and then I click off, when I return to it, it is all moved again! I have a mac and I tried it on Chrome and on Safari, same results! Hope you can help because it is annoying to have the cover picture in the middle of the album!

  11. Fiona Wallace says

    How do I create new albums in a group in order to organise photos that have already been uploaded?

    • Fiona Wallace says

      Just to clarify: I am referring to a Facebook group.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Fiona,

      To create a brand new photo album, login to Facebook and navigate to your group. In the toolbar right below your group cover photo, you should see a menu item that says “More”. Hover over it and you’ll see “Create Photo Album”. Click that and it will step you through the process of creating a brand new album.

      Hope that helps!


  12. BARB SHORT says

    Hi there I am so confused can you help,i run auction albums on facebook for animal rescue and in the past it has never been a problem to move the pics around on the album,but this time everytime I set it how I want to and click off the album, when I add or return to it the pics have moved all over the place and the album runs bottom to top (upside down ?????

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Barb,

      Is your auction album part of a Facebook group or is part of a Facebook page? Let me know and I’ll try to do some testing and help out ๐Ÿ™‚


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