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[ANSWERED] Troubleshooting Facebook Issues Like “No Photo Description Available” Or Photos Not Displaying


Thursday 9th of December 2021

If you must see the image quickly I've found if you right click a blank image and select "open image in a new tab" you will see the image.


Tuesday 10th of September 2019

Incredible guide


Tuesday 10th of September 2019

I guess a lot of facebook users don't really know about this: For those of you who are reading this in the future, maybe this is the same issue you are experiencing. Thanks for share

Ellie McGovern

Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Thanks, Sean. One other tip that I use is to follow the Facebook Business page. Since they know that they might lose money if their advertisers stop publishing because of outages, they are pretty good about giving status updates.

Hope that helps! Ellie

Sean R. Nicholson

Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Great tip, Ellie. Thanks for sharing!! --Sean