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[ANSWERED] Yes, Facebook Is Removing The Trending News Box

I love it when my readers reach out to me regarding previous posts…even if it’s to let me know that they aren’t accurate or relevant anymore. Hey, everything can’t be correct forever, so feel free to let me know if you see something on the site that is out-of-date or (heaven forbid) wrong. I have thick skin…I’m good with updating or changing the site, so long as it makes sure that my readers get the best information possible.

In this case Michael pointed out that my article with steps on how to remove the Trending box from Facebook will soon be irrelevant since Facebook has added a little notice to the box that they are removing the Trending box to make way for “future news experiences”.

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Facebook has confirmed that they are removing the Trending News box from the user experience

The Facebook Trending News widget, located in the right sidebar of the desktop experience, will soon be a thing of the past.


“What are future news experiences?”, you might ask.

I have no idea. I do know, however, that Facebook has taken massive heat under allegations that their staff might have altered the items that were trending by manually manipulating the stories that displayed, rather than allowing their algorithm to do the job. It’s likely that the removal of this feature is intended to take the heat off their staff, even if they simply replace it with another box called “New News” or “What’s Hot” or whatever kitschy title they come up.

I have no doubt that Facebook will continue to try to surface timely news items to users in an effort to spark discussion, but they might be building in better safeguards that better prevent tampering or are built to report more on news events, rather than political opinion. Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll be notified once it’s rolled out and, as always, I try to provide an impartial analysis as to how it works and why it might be beneficial to your use of social media.

Let me know if there are questions, comments, or feedback and be sure to wave by to the Trending box. Thanks, again, to Michael for reaching out via the contact form to let me know.