Bing! Makes Searching For Intranet Tweets Even Easier

Sean R. Nicholson

Sean R. Nicholson

Although I’m a huge fan of Twitter, I have never been a big fan of the native Twitter search engine. As a result, I’m always looking for better ways to keep up with tweets on Intranet topics.  While Tweetdeck is by far my favorite tool, I have to say I was curious when I heard that both Bing and Google were going to provide search interfaces into Twitter. Bing was first out of the chute and their solution is pretty nice. Not only does it provide you with an updating feed, it allows you to easily retweet content and see the most common links being shared about Intranets (or any topic).

My plan is to leave Bing open for the next few days and see how I like it. Let me know if you’ve been using it and what you think.

Bing allows you to easily monitor Tweets relating to Intranets (or any other topic)

Bing allows you to easily monitor Tweets relating to Intranets (or any other topic)

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  1. Have tried out the new Bing Twitter search for a little while now. Must say I am a little dissapointed. The updates seem to be a little slow and the search results do not seem as extensive or accurate as TweetDeck. A lot of tweets being missed. Will give it another couple of days testing to see if there is any observed improvement.

    • The biggest failing I have seen so far with the Bing! Twitter interface is the mishandling of tags. Having two windows open, side-by-side with “intranet” in one window and “#intranet” in the other clearly shows that Bing! treats these two keywords very differently. Since I can’t create a Bing! search of “intranet OR #intranet” like I can in Tweetdeck, it looks like Bing! is going to need to work on the interface a bit.

      Thanks for the comment!


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