Blogging Tip: Increase Traffic By Solving Problems

When it comes to blogging, the phrase “birds of a feather, flock together” rings very true. Those that visit your blog and read your articles consistently likely care about many of the same things you care about. Whether it’s technology, parenting, current events, arts/crafts, or some other topic, your readers often find your blog through searches and recommendations of like-minded people on social networks.

So, if you’re struggling with your next article idea or you’re looking for ways to increase traffic to your blog via long-term searches, just take a moment and think about the things your are passionate about and how you have solved a problem in a way that might be useful to your readers. The same steps that you are going through are likely going to be important (and probably helpful) to you visitors.

For instance, the other day I wanted to view on my iPad, but Safari kept sending me to the Twitter mobile site, which was NOT the view I wanted. I wanted to see the standard desktop view that visitors see when they are visiting the site from their PC. After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to switch, I finally resolved it in a very unconventional way and ended up writing a blog post about the challenge of switching between the Twitter desktop view and the mobile view.

Guess what…others are experiencing the same issue and their searches from Google have made that post one of the most popular posts on my blog over the last few weeks. The result? My article helped others who immediately found the answer via Twitter, but also held long-term benefit as the search engines picked it up and organic SEO drove traffic from those searching Google and Bing.

By helping people learn how to switch their Twitter view from mobile to desktop on their tablets, I increased traffic to my blog

That’s a LOT of Traffic!! By helping people learn how to switch their Twitter view from mobile to desktop on their iPads and tablets, I increased traffic to my blog

Another of the most popular post on my blog over the last few weeks, however, came from my experience with the Apple iPad iOS 5 upgrade. The update has be nothing short of miserable, with my iPad 1 crashing every day. Because I was so frustrated with the crashes and because I couldn’t find any mention of Apple acknowledging or working to resolve the issue, I wrote a blog post warning iPad 1 owners to hold off on the iOS 5 update until a more stable version of the OS was released.

As a result of the article, though, many of my friends, family, and co-workers have thanked me for alerting them to the issue before they upgraded. Again, a situation where the readers of my blog benefited from the challenge I was feeling in real life.

Some of my most popular posts have been those that have helped people solve issues like the crashing of iPads due to iOS 5

Some of my most popular posts have been those that have helped people solve issues like the crashing of iPads due to iOS 5

So, next time you have writers block and are looking for a new article idea, just take a few moments to think about how you solve the problems in your personal life and find a way to share those experiences with your readers. Not only will they benefit from your experiences, they’ll probably thank you with a comment with their shared experience. The fact that others are likely searching for the solution will help your organic SEO and bring in readers. It’s a win-win situation. You help others by blogging good content that solves a problem, they increase traffic to your article!

What blog post have you written that has really helped your readers? Let me know and feel free to post a link to it in a comment. I’d love to see examples from a broad range of different topics/stories.



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  1. I manage a couple of (mostly personal) blogs, both with PR4; the secret to success is passion, honesty and engaging subjects; a little bit of quirkiness doesn’t hurt either ‡¡‡
    I have heard that LinkedIn developers follow my post about issues I encounter there
    We could make it a lot slicker, but then it would lose a lot of it’s direct charm and folksiness

  2. Ayesha Hussain says:

    Thanks for sharing after great efforts and placed lots of backlinks i could not engage traffic to my site plz guide me my site name is BrightVerge… what should i do ? I need your help plzzzzzzz

  3. John Allred says:

    Thanks for sharing the article; it will surely help us a lot. It is an informative post for the beginners, thanks again.


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