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How Do I Break My TikTok Addiction?

Am I using TikTok too much? It may start small, but eventually, some TikTok users can become addicted to watching its videos. They may spend so much time on the app that it begins to interfere with their lives.

However, like many addictions, TikTok addictions can be hard to conquer. It may take some time to get yourself to watch it less often or even to stop watching it all together.

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TikTok’s Growth in the Last Few Years

TikTok’s Growth in the Last Few Years

TikTok seemed to come out of nowhere and explode right away, and that’s just about what it did. The channel is now the third-most-used social media platform, coming in behind Facebook and Instagram – both much older channels. The network was started in 2016, and by 2018, it already had about 1 billion users.

In 2022, it was predicted to grow to more than 2 billion users. TikTok has already surpassed Twitter and SnapChat in terms of users. In 2020 alone, TikTok grew by 325%, making it one of the fastest growing apps in the world.

TikTok is so pervasive that it seems everyone has it, not just young people. In 2021, it was downloaded 3 billion times. It was the only mobile app in the major app stores that is not Facebook or a popular game to reach that number.

What Makes TikTok So Addicting?

What Makes TikTok So Addicting_ (2)

TikTok is highly reliant on its recommendations for each user. Most social media networks use both recommendations and content from those you follow when it comes to what you see on the site. And on other social media channels, they start with the ones that are by those you follow and pepper in recommendations around those.

However, TikTok puts its recommendations first. This aspect of TikTok is one reason that so many people use it so regularly.

It beats Instagram in the amount of engagement that it gets per user. People using TikTok spend an average of 52 minutes each day on the network. About 71% of the users of the channel are from 16 to 24 years old.

Because the channel skews so young, its users tend to be naive and are far more impressionable. The company uses the data it gathers from this audience to find more ways to get them to use the network.

TIkTok is immediately engaging, and many people use it as a way to avoid other things that they should be doing. And for those in younger age groups, peer pressure plays a role since friends may be using it and talking about it.

Engaging in the network rather than doing the harder things in life can make people feel good, and that feeling can get addictive. The more impressionable a person is, the more likely it is that they will become addicted to the experience.

And the more often these users engage, the more data the company has about them to recommend things they would like. This creates an addictive spiral that can keep you on TikTok far too much.

How Can You Tell if You’re Spending Too Much Time on TikTok?

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There’s no one set amount of time on TikTok that is too much, but there are some signs that you’ve been on it too much. Many people use the network to give their brains a rest as they do something entertaining.

The problem often comes when much more time has passed than you thought. People easily lose many hours to TikTok, and this can be a sign that you have a problem. If you frequently try to limit your time on it and just can’t seem to do it, that’s also a sign.

If you are not getting important tasks done because you’re spending so much time on the app, this is another sign that you’re overdosing on it. There are many daily tasks that we simply have to do for our lives to function smoothly.

When you slack on work or school, you risk a number of serious problems resulting from it. Continuing to avoid what you need to be doing can lead to major life disruptions and not living up to your obligations.

Real Reasons to Stop Using TikTok

Real Reasons to Stop Using TikTok (2)

In addition to its addictive and time-sucking qualities, there are also many other reasons why you should stop using the app. When a person uses the app each day for more than 90 minutes, it has been found to decrease the attention spans of users.

This issue has become so bad that even the app saw the problem and started to take some action against it. It got influencers to tell people to take breaks from the network, and it started using warnings to tell people when they needed to close it.

The problem is even more serious when you realize that these brain changes are happening to a large degree to younger people who don’t have fully developed brains yet. The app also has its share of dangerous challenges that some people may decide to join. These challenges have caused injuries, house fires, property damage, and more.

There are also a number of data collection concerns. The app collects data about the messages that you send to others and even the ones that you type but don’t send. It also seeks access to the model and size of your phone, its phone number, your email address, your contact list, and more. And, the app is owned by a Chinese company, a security concern for many. This may make you wonder: How do I break my TikTok addiction?

What Steps Can You Take to Reduce Your TikTok Usage?

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Many reasons exist why people might want to reduce their TikTok usage, and there are also plenty of ways to do it. The key is to try a few things and then find one that works for you. So, how do I stop using TikTok?

An easy way to regulate your usage is to use the function of the app that tells you when you need to leave it. If you’ve been in it for longer than an hour, a warning will pop up and tell you to stop using the app. Take this warning seriously and get off the app when you see this message.

Another way to use TikTok less is to set an alarm with another app or with your smart speaker. The benefit of this methos is that you can set your alarm for less than the amount of time it takes to get a warning from the TikTok app.

You can start with a specific amount of time and incrementally lower that time period until it is much more manageable. As you get used to closing the app when the alarm goes off, it will get easier and easier to set it aside.

There is a lot to gain from limiting your TikTok time, but the app can be addictive. If you work at limiting your time there, you can use it less and get more done. If you’ve broken the TikTok habit, use the comments to let us know of any tips you have for spending less time on the app.

— Sean