Social Media Cartoon: Rushing Headlong Into Social Media

One social media myth that I frequently hear is that young employees (often interns) are good employees to manage your social media properties. What some Managers fail to understand is that placing your organization or brand reputation in the hands of employees who have little business knowledge or experience can lead to disastrous results. While one inappropriate or unintended tweet or post can land you in hot water with your consumers, some situations may also have you discussing the “oops” with the FTC or the FCC.

Social isn’t something that you just rush into, it requires goals, a clear strategy, and appropriate resources with the correct level of experience. Failing to ensure that those managing your social channels are properly trained could lead to unpleasant outcomes.


Cartoon: Rushing Headlong Into Social Media

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  1. Bruce Sallan says

    I can’t speak for companies much, but as an individual I know it’s MY VOICE that makes my writing, my tweets, my Facebook Page, and my brand. Yes, we know it is farmed out, but darn you’d better train them well and monitor them a great deal at the onset and then intermittently thereafter! It’s your company, after all!

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      I agree, completely, Bruce! A critical element for organizations to identify is their social voice. it’s easier (not easy) when it’s just one person, but when there is a team involved, all members of the team should be on the same page as to the rules of engagement.

      Thanks for the comment!


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