Social Media Cartoon: The Corporate Social Media Strategy

As employees continue to use social media in the workplace, it will be up to Social Media Strategists to educate organizational leaders about the value of social media and how the various channels can be used to enhance employee collaboration and drive business. Unfortunately, the conversation often starts out like this:

Building a corporate social media strategy and policies can be tough. This cartoon shows how some have differening expectations

Have you had an experience like this? Is your company social media policy a bit like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand hoping social media is a “trend” or “fad”? Does your company block access to Facebook and Twitter in hope of keeping employees away from the social media timesink?

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  1. Right now, since we’re new, no such policy exists. but i do believe most of the staff veer away from it because of job ethics, as one said. But I think that these sites shouldnt be blocked since employees can significantly contribute to a company’s social media campaigns. They should be encouraged to like and share posts (in facebook, for example) so that organic reach and virality can increase.


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