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Celebrating A Birthday – Twitter Style

Yes…I’m a bit of  a social media geek and I work with a bunch of social media geeks too.

The team understands that social media is about people. It’s about creating and maintaining individual connections. It’s about learning about someone and making a difference in their life. And one of the ways the team practices what they preach is by celebrating the important events in each others’ lives.  Weddings, promotions, and…of course…birthdays. In fact, a tradition with my team is what is often known as “cube-bombing” or “cube-wars”. It’s a practice of decorating a co-worker’s cube or office in a unique way.

This year, I got a Twitter cage, complete with a nest, eggs, perch, tweets, and LOTS and LOTS of feathers. Check out the photos.

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What happens when your co-workers decorate your cube Twitter style? You get feathers and Twitter birds everywhere!What happens when Twitter takes over your desktop My office cube was decorated as a Twitter bird cage, complete with newspapers, a nest, and feathers!A Twitter bird cage, complete with nest, eggs, and feathers My team converted my office chair into a Twitter perch, complete with a nestA Twitter perch, complete with nest and welcome sign
The bottom of my cubicle-turned-Twitter cage is decorated with newspapers and feathersThe bottom of my Twitter cage, with feathers and eggs My team created Twitter bird eggs with each of their Twitter handles on themThe teams’ Twitter eggs, complete with the Twitter handles of my tweeps Welcome to my office cubicle turned into a Twitter bird cage for my birthday!The welcome sign for my Twitter cage, just above the Twitter eggs.

Oh yeah, if you want some cool birthday ideas for the social media geek in your life, think about a Twitter cake or some yummy Twitter cookies (these cookies were courtesy of @Ms_Nene at the Kansas City-based Takes The Cake Bakery)

My Twitter birthday cakeBeautiful Twitter birthday cake Yum. Twitter cookies!MMM….Twitter cookies!

Have examples of how you celebrate with your team? I’d love to see them, so feel free to leave a link to examples in a comment.




Sunday 8th of January 2012

oh THAT is so cool. I really want one of those Twitter Cakes. Love the bottom of your cage too. What a great idea! Happy birthday to you! Tweet tweet.