Changes To Facebook Pages Are Coming Soon

Be prepared, the folks at Facebook have decided to make changes again. This time, it’s to our profiles and Pages. Here’s a breakdown of the changes that will go into place on August 23, 2010:

1) The “Boxes” tab will go bye-bye from Pages – If you own a facebook Page (previously known as “Fan Pages”), then you will be impacted if you have placed a Boxes tab on your page. If you have a boxes tab, it will go away on the 23rd. In addition, the Boxes tab used to allow you to move boxes over to the left sidebar and on the 23rd, those boxes will be removed.

So…if you’re using boxes, be sure to move the content into an “FBML” tab. FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language, which is Facebook’s flavor of HTML. This tab will give you a suitable replacement for your Boxes tab. Unfortunately, you won’t have any replacement for moving things to the left sidebar. Facebook will own that going forward (probably for more ads).

2) The center column of Pages will now be reduced from 760 pixels to 520 pixels. As a result, you need to check any tables that you have created to be sure that they either use a relative width (e.g. 100%) or doesn’t have a table width more than 520 pixels. If your table is larger, your content will be truncated. Again, the net result is that you have less real estate for your content, and Facebook has more space for ads.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Facebook has made more than $1 BILLION in ad revenue this year? Have any doubt that these real estate changes are driven by greed?

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