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  1. I see lots of people who create a Facebook fan page and then that is it. they think that just because they have a page all is good.

  2. Thanks for the the post. Big eye opener. Great content!

  3. How very true so many today are in social media because someone told them they needed to be there. But that’s like going to the bus station and not buying a bus ticket, you won’t end up going anywhere. So you’ve got to be involved and you’ve got to figure out where you’ve going and buy your ticket. Don’t get left at the station!

  4. a great article, pointing the best clues to “do” social media in a true manner.

  5. Sean,

    Another very relevant article, thanks! I’ve done the normal sharing and shared it on a private network.

    What are your views on Empire Avenue as a method of on-line communication – is that method not also very ‘noisy’?

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