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Comic: Newfangled Social Networking

I’m still amazed by how many people consider “social networking” to be a new phenomena and link it’s creation to the launch of sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sure, these sites may have brought online social networking to the mainstream, but even sites like AOL, Prodigy, and CompuServe laid the foundation with their groups functionality.

Let’s not forget, however, that social networking has been around since the invention of fire. At some point, Og the caveman saw Ug the caveman and Ugette the cavewoman sitting around a burning log and Og thought it might be a good idea to get to know Ug and Ugette. Witness the invention of social networking….

Social networking and social media are not new.

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So, keep in mind that we  human beings are naturally hard-wired to group together, live in communities, and share common experiences through language. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn have just brought us new ways to expand our networks beyond the traditional 50 mile radius of our communication networks and deliver our experiences, food choices, and videos of our cats doing crazy things to a broader audience.

Social networking is not new….it’s just getting easier and better.