[Comic] Social Media Security Fail

Ever had this happen to you? You check your email and notice that you’re receiving all kinds of strange messages from your friends on Facebook? The first thought is “oh no…my Facebook account has been hacked!”. But often, the reality is even more simple than that. It wasn’t some nefarious hacker from a faraway place who hacked your account…it was you.

Social Media Security Fail - When Computers And Mobile Devices Are Left Unlocked

By simply walking away from your computer without enabling the password security, you leave everything on your computer wide open. And the same goes for your mobile device. Leave it laying on the table with your friends while you go to the restroom? You’re asking for social media fun and frivolity with your Facebook or Twitter account.

So press that lock key. Set that password on your screensaver and never, never trust your friends or family alone with your unlocked mobile device.

Have you been in this situation? Let us know how you handled it or what precautions you’re taking to make sure it never happens again.



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