Comic: Social Media Strategy From A Book

Developing a social media strategy isn’t easy, especially with so many channels out there…it sometimes feels like social media overload! But ignoring social media outright definitely isn’t a good strategy. Your customers might already be engaged in conversations about your brand on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Cutting corners isn’t a good approach, either. Resist the temptation to create a strategy as quickly as possible, just so you are doing something. Just like building a “quick business plan” isn’t a good idea, building a quick social strategy likely won’t succeed either.

Instead, invest time and effort into understanding your business goals and how the various channels might help you accomplish those goals.

You wouldn't develop your business plan from an eBook, right? Why build your social media strategy from one?

Need some help determining some business objectives that you might be able to leverage social media to accomplish? Check out this post that details four key areas of your business that you might consider:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Intelligence
  • Sales
  • Support

If you don’t have the resources internally to help you, you might consider finding a social media strategist that can help you build a strategy that is right for your business. Just beware of the social media wizards, gurus, and jedis out there and be sure they have the right level of experience and a strong enough understanding of your needs.

Have other thoughts on great ways to build your social media strategy? Have experience defining social media business goals? I’d love to hear about them in a comment!



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