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[COMIC] The Complexity Of Social Media Communications

Social media…it’s a whole new shift in the way we communicate, right?

But are we prepared for the vast range of communication channels that are available as new social media platforms launch? As social channels promise to connect us more closely, do we run the risk that some of our friends/family might not be using our preferred channels? Add to that the new social media jargon that comes with each channel and it can all be a bit confusing.

Is social media adding complexity to your communications? Can you avoid it?

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It all remains to be seen how humans will filter and process the massive amounts of data that are being thrown at us via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SMS text messaging. In the meantime, pen and paper works still works, too.




Howard Bays

Friday 31st of July 2020

Why can't I see my messages

Garry Taylor

Friday 4th of October 2019

Brilliant article, a debt of gratitude is in order for assembling this! This is clearly one extraordinary post.

Jean Baptiste

Friday 13th of September 2019

Is there a in browser facebook messenger that I can use on PC ? I have a tendancy to waste time scrolling my facebook wall but I need to have facebook messenger open for group conversations, family, etc. Is there a way on computer to have access to FB messenger without installing any program apart going to ???



Saturday 29th of June 2019

Can I Facebook plus messager just start from Google as I login my Facebook


Sunday 4th of August 2019



Wednesday 7th of August 2013

Old school messaging - forgot about that method.. Nice cartoon.

Rana Muhammad Shoaib

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Yes yes