[COMIC] Who Is Running Your Social Media Channels? Is It Your Intern?

As a business leader, you have likely spent a lot of time and energy developing your customer base. The growth of your company is dependent on new and return sales and you understand that how people feel about your company reputation is just as important as how they feel about your products.

So why would you risk that reputation by turning over the keys to your social media channels to an intern with little or no experience, understanding of your company history, or knowledge of how to grow a business.  Sure, they may be familiar with texting, tweeting and posting to Facebook but that doesn’t necessarily qualify them to be the digital spokesperson for your company.

Do you have the right person running your business social media channels?

Sure, they might be a cheap alternative to hiring a digital professional or agency, but how much will you spend repairing your reputation if they make a mess of it online. Just as companies like United Airlines, Maytag and The DoubleShot how much time and energy it takes to fight a social media crisis once it starts. Don’t get me wrong, I love intern programs and I know a lot of really smart interns, but they should be there to learn and assist, not run the show.

So before you go with the cheap solution, think twice about the possible long-term negative outcomes and create a social media budget to ensuring that you have the right person executing your strategy.

Do you agree or disagree? Have experience you’d like to share? Be sure to leave a comment!




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Comments And Reactions

  1. Todd Brockdorf says

    You’re exactly right, Sean. Interns “should be there to learn and assist, not run the show.” Another intern and I were once left to run a mid-sized company’s helpdesk when they fired our manager. They got the support they deserved from interns. Same is true in social media.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Thanks for the comment, Todd. Being responsible for the company social media channels is a lot of responsibility and pressure to put on an intern. Especially if they don’t have any business background. Letting them watch, learn and contribute will allow them to contribute to the work, while ensuring that the critical decisions are made by an employee with a bit more experience.



  2. Ramesh Shankerlal says

    [COMIC] Who Is Running Your Social Media Channels? Is It Your Intern? http://t.co/Yyi2IA1u via @socmedsean

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