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7 Common OnlyFans Questions That I Hear And Their Answers

Over the past year or so, the social media platform OnlyFans has gained critical attention for being a place to earn money or purchase seductive content. By now, we’ve all heard of OnlyFans, but despite the conceptions that you might have about the social media site, it’s actually an extremely diverse platform.

When many of us think of OnlyFans, we probably think of the fact that the site is associated with adult content. And while that is true—to some extent—there are many other types of content that can be shared on OnlyFans, for example: DIY, automotive, cosplay, and other types of content.

OnlyFans differs from other social media platforms, because the point of the site is to make channels that are not available to the public. In other words, OnlyFans allows creators to make content that is behind a paywall, and when someone subscribes, they have access to exclusive content they can’t find for free online.

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We’re going to go over some common questions that prospective creators and users have about the site. So, let’s answer some of your burning questions:

Can Guys Make Money on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans Question 1 – Can Guys Make Money on OnlyFans

Great news, the answer is yes. Take the creator Stephen Voyce, for example. Stephen has used OnlyFans to promote his music, so this creator is not making adult content.

Instead, he is sharing his musical talents to people that subscribe to him. Stephen’s success proves that it’s incredibly lucrative for guys to make money on OnlyFans, specifically in the creativity and music areas.

Can You Pay for OnlyFans Without a Credit Card?

OnlyFans Question 2 – Can You Pay for OnlyFans Without a Credit Card

Again, you’re in luck, because it is possible to pay for OnlyFans without having a credit card. Although the simple way to pay for OnlyFans is to use a credit card, if you don’t have one, you aren’t entirely out of luck.

You can use the OnlyFans Viewer Tool or a Virtual Credit Card to pay for the site without a conventional credit card. It’s also possible to use a Visa Prepaid Card, which can be bought in any retail store with cash.

How Can You Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

OnlyFans Question 3 – How Can You Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

It’s not impossible to make money on OnlyFans without revealing your identity to your audience. The creator, Lady Fett, proves that this is possible.

Lady Fett creates adult content, but she does so without showing her face. She usually wears some type of mask, to conceal her identity.

That means if you want to make money without exposing your identity, OnlyFans might be a great way to do so. The key is to use a mask and incorporate it into your content.

In the case of the Lady Fett, she uses the helmet from the famous Star Wars bounty hunter, Boba Fett, to obscure her identity.

How Can You Cancel an OnlyFans Subscription?

OnlyFans Question 4 – How Can You Cancel an OnlyFans Subscription

If you decide the service is not for you or that one channel is not for you, it’s not difficult to cancel your subscription. Once you pay for a month of your subscription, you won’t be refunded.

However, it is possible to stop being charged in future months. All you have to do is turn off the auto-renew feature, and you won’t be billed the next month.

You can look at your “Following” page, to see who you’re subscribed to, and you can decide to cancel all your subscriptions or just a few.

How Can You Start an OnlyFans Without Any Followers?

OnlyFans Question 5 – How Can You Start an OnlyFans Without Any Followers

Although it is completely fine to start an OnlyFans without having a fanbase, it probably won’t be very lucrative if you don’t have a following. The best way to make the most money on OnlyFans is to have a fanbase on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

If people are interested in your content on these platforms, then the chances are that they will be willing to pay for your exclusive content on OnlyFans. Like all things, the more customers you have, the more revenue you’ll receive.

So, it’s best to promote your OnlyFans on other social media platforms with a lot of followers.

Can OnlyFans See Your Email Address and Credit Card Information?

OnlyFans Question 6 – Can OnlyFans See Your Email Address and Credit Card Information

Don’t fret, when you subscribe to a certain creator, they won’t have access to any of your sensitive information. Not only are creators not allowed to see your email address and credit card information, but they aren’t even allowed to have access to your name.

To ensure the most confidentiality, the only thing a creator can see is that they have a new follower (and the total amount of followers they have is visible). However, if you are not worried about confidentiality, and you want people to be able to see your information, there is an option on OnlyFans to share your email with certain creators.

How Can You Recover an OnlyFans Account After It Has Been Banned?

OnlyFans Question 7 – How Can You Recover an OnlyFans Account After It Has Been Banned

If you get into a situation where your account is banned, you might be able to get it back. There are certain infractions that will lead to a suspended account. These include taking a screen shot, posting illegal content, violence, and hate speech.

If you want to recover your OnlyFans account, the best way to try to get it back is to talk to OnlyFans’ customer support team. We cannot guarantee that they’ll comply with your request, but it won’t hurt to try.

If for some reason they reject your request to reopen your account, you can always try going to other platforms like: FriendsOnly, Fanvue, and Fansly.

We hope this has been beneficial and that you understand OnlyFans a little better after reading it. OnlyFans is a great platform to make a little extra—or a lot of extra—money.

Whether you’re sharing adult content, musical content, or types of content, creating an OnlyFans page is a great way to capitalize on your talents. We want to learn about your experiences with OnlyFans, so let us know if you have any tips or questions in the comments section. We can’t wait to hear from you!

— Sean