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[UPDATED 2021] How Do I Contact Pinterest Support When I Have Pinterest Questions?

Hey Sean,

Any tips for contacting Pinterest customer support? Is there a Pinterest customer support email or some other way of contacting them? I think my account is in Pinterest jail and I’m not getting any good traffic, even though I follow all the tips out there from the so-called Pinterest experts. I don’t have a Pinterest business account but since I own a blog, should I have one? If I create one, will I get access to different Pinterest help?

Any idea how to actually get in contact with someone at Pinterest?



Great question, Keith! First, let’s start with the basics.

Options For Contacting Pinterest For Custom Support

For quick assistance, here are links to the various ways to contact Pinterest support detailed below.

Please note: Some of the links in my posts are affiliate links. I get commissions for purchases made through those links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when you buy something from those links.

What Is Pinterest?

With more than 300 million active monthly users, Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms today. The social network has focused on the visual aspect of search and has seen massive adoption among women, which has helped it grow and establish itself as one of the top-tier social medial platforms.

It generates a lot of traffic for bloggers in the DIY, beauty, health, food, and wellness niches and some bloggers even rely on Pinterest for a big chunk of their daily traffic. It also generates a lot of Pinterest questions, confusion, and requests for support. By attracting a lot of users and making a lot of changes to their user experience and algorithm, Pinterest is known for wreaking havoc with their users.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Essentially, Pinterest is one of the largest link farms on the Web. Pinterest members are encouraged to add new images (called the pin image) and attach a simple hyperlink and description to them. A pin might include an image of a DIY craft, a recipe, and clothing ensemble, or really any other image and that image is then linked to the web page, blog post, or tutorial that explains how to accomplish the results shown in the pin image.

When searchers look for the specific outcome, they see the pin and then (once they click the link) are directed to the source to help them accomplish their intended outcome.

It’s basically a big, visual search engine.

What Types Of Problems Does Pinterest Support Help With?

Whether it’s help with Pinterest ad support, help resetting your Pinterest password, answering questions about being locked out of your Pinterest account, or a host of other issues, there are ways to get in contact with Pinterest support when you need help.

There are different types of support, based on whether you have an individual account or a Pinterest business account, but we’ll cover that later in the post.

SocMedSean on Pinterest

Who Is Using Pinterest And What Types Of Help Do They Need?

To get a clear picture of how diverse the platform is, you can look at the different demographic statistics. For example, 70% of the of Pinterest’s user base is made up of females. At the same time, more than half of all millennials in the United States regularly use it. Another surprising demographic is dads, with data showing 4 out of 10 dads in the US are also actively on Pinterest.

This diversified demographic is, in part, what has helped Pinterest cement its place as the third-top social media platform. However, the flip side to this is that since each of these groups has a different objective while using the platform, there are many issues. When the platforms change one aspect to appeal to a particular demographic, they may be alienating another group.

This entry is one of several in the series created with the purpose of helping readers get in contact with different social networking sites in situations where they need support or assistance. This specific article is focused on how to contact Pinterest support or customer service when you need help. Be sure to also check out the other articles in the series focused on getting in contact with Instagram support and getting assistance from Facebook support.

Pinterest questions and problems range from common issues like resetting a Pinterest password to unlocking a banned Pinterest account. Often, these issues can be resolved by following the steps in the Pinterest help center.

More complex issues, though, like reporting copyright issues, technical problems with the site functionality, or issues relating to Pinterest advertising sometimes need a more personal touch.

Even more complex issues like questions about why your Pinterest traffic is dropping or why your Pinterest embeds aren’t showing up on your site can be downright difficult to get answers to.

Unfortunately, when you encounter a problem with your Pinterest account, contacting the customer support department may be harder than you think. The sheer volume of users makes it difficult for the Pinterest support team to respond to, let alone resolve, everyone’s problem.

So, how can you ensure you get help when you contact Pinterest and need support? Here are some things to try.

Use Pinterest Help Features To Resolve Common Issues

I know…the help features for most social networks aren’t usually very helpful. But for the easy things like password resets and reporting inappropriate content, if you use the automated processes, it will free up the Pinterest support team to handle the bigger issues.

When you encounter a problem on Pinterest, start by visiting the help center. You can find it as one of the options under the dropdown icon on the top right end of the screen.

It’s not an interactive Pinterest help forum where users can engage with each other and solve problems, but more of a knowledge base where you can type in your question and get solutions that might match your issue.

The Pinterest help center is a good place to start when you need supportIf you need help from the Pinterest support team, the best place to start is the Pinterest help center.

Pinterest’s help center is full of information on how to tackle the most common and recurring problems on the platform. The help articles apply to both the general and business accounts.

For the most part, the Pinterest team does a great job keeping the info up-to-date and accurate, so the articles are not only helpful, but fairly exhaustive.

You can find details on how to manage your account, how to fix common problems, access your account safely, and a myriad of helpful tips and advice. You can even get some basic Pinterest ad support, but if you’re going to spend money with Pinterest there is a more useful help option discussed below.

So…before you fill out a contact form, shoot off an email, or try to locate a Pinterest support contact number just try using the help center first.

Email Pinterest Support For Help

As mentioned above, the platform has over 300 million active users every month. If you add the number of sporadically active users, the number balloons up substantially. That volume of users on the social network make it unlikely that the Pinterest support team can answer every email or contact form that is submitted.

As a result, if you do choose to email Pinterest or submit a contact form, don’t be surprised if the answer sounds somewhat automated. In my interactions with Pinterest, the support responses sometimes feel like they are copied and pasted from their internal support docs.

Other times, though, I have received responses that are bit more tailored to my question that made me believe that a real person was responding. My experience in submitting Pinterest issues, though, has always resulted in a response…so at least they are monitoring and replying.

Pinterest customer support does respond to help ticketsWhen my account engagement was taking a nosedive, the Pinterest customer support team did answer with some insights.

However, to get help using email, you still need the aforementioned help center and fill a form. Once you’ve filled and submitted the form, you’ll receive an auto-response email from the platform.

If you do not find a solution in the help center, the next step is to contact PinterestIf you can’t find a solution in the help center, the next step is to submit a help request using the Pinterest contact form.

After you get an automated response from the form, you will likely have to repeat the issue on email, adding any additional details they request about your account.

With my experience contacting Pinterest via email, I found that after I replied to the automated email someone usually got back to me within 3 business days. I think the key to getting a quicker response (and hopefully resolution) rests in providing as much detail as possible.

In my most recent Pinterest support request, I provided data from my account that helped them clearly understand the issue and research my concern.

So, if the articles in the Pinterest help center don’t resolve your issue, then these are your next best options:

1) Use the Pinterest Contact Form to open an inquiry. Answer the questions in the form as accurately as possible so the support team has as much information as possible.

2) Emailing Pinterest support used to be an option, but has recently been shut down. Pinterest used to respond directly to emails sent to [email protected] but it appears that the email address has now been shut down.

NOTE: If your concern with Pinterest is that your traffic has dropped, you might do some research on your niche to see if it’s a seasonal drop and not a Pinterest issue. Many folks who are successful on Pinterest report that their traffic engagement and clicks drop significantly from about May through October due the fact that people are outside doing things, rather than stuck inside dreaming about things.

Use The Pinterest Business Community For Support

In May of 2020, Pinterest announced the launch of their Business Community platform with the goal of connecting business managers and creators to share tips, collaborate on projects, and provide peer-to-peer support. This is the resource I mentioned earlier if you are in need of Pinterest ad support.

For Pinterest business accounts, the community can be a good place to ask questionsIf you have a Pinterest business account, you can ask questions and find answers in the Business Community.

The community lets those with Pinterest business accounts share their experiences with other users and help them resolve issues. Popular topics in the community include items like:

  • Resolving issues when Pinterest content is wrongly flagged as spam
  • Tips to try when Pinterest traffic is dropping
  • Solving problems when URLs are blocked from being added to Pinterest
  • Issues with embedding Pinterest pins or boards in a post

If you have a Pinterest business account, you might try logging on to the Business Community and using the search feature to see if there is already an answer. If there isn’t, just start a new conversation.

Can You Call A Pinterest Customer Support Phone Number?

Please note that Pinterest does not have a published customer support phone number. There are quite a few nefarious folks our there posting their number as a Pinterest support number, likely with the goal of posing as Pinterest support so they can gain access to your account information and your personal information.

Many of these scammers are relying on the fact that people use the same password credentials across their social networks. By calling these scammers and giving them your Pinterest account information, you could likely expose your Pinterest data, your Facebook data, your Twitter data, and maybe even your banking information if you use the same credentials for your financial institutions.

So, please…do not call any phone numbers that pretend to be Pinterest support numbers.

Use Your Social Networks To Get Pinterest Help

The problem with big social networks is they are often overwhelmed by support requests. As a result, not all of us get our tickets answered. It’s frustrating…trust me, I know.

In those situations where I NEED help but can’t seem to get it fast enough, I often turn to my other social networks.

For instance, if your account were hacked, you’d want to get help as soon as possible, before the account is banned or the hacker has time to inflict damage. One possible way to get speedy assistance from the team is by using your personal connections to contact a Pinterest employee directly and seeing if they can escalate your case. If you’re lucky, you can achieve this with the help of a third-party platform, such as LinkedIn.

Most professionals include details of where they work and information you can utilize in crisis mode. Simply search for Pinterest on LinkedIn, then you can use the filters to narrow in on current employees, whom you can then connect with.

If you need help on a more personal level, try your LinkedIn connectionsIf you need help on a more personal level, try your LinkedIn connections to see if you know someone who works at Pinterest.

While there’s no guarantee that you have someone in your 1st level of connections, you might find someone in your 2nd level and have a 1st-level connection who can introduce you or reach out to them on your behalf. Believe it or not, this method can be really productive, especially if the problem you’re experiencing is time-sensitive.

Twitter is also another quick results avenue you can turn to. Pinterest has two active accounts you can engage with, in case you need speedy assistance. These are @Pinterest and @PinterestEng.

However, note that in some cases, you may be directed right back to the help center.

Pinterest does also have an active Facebook page and does post fairly regularly. While posting your issues as a comment on their Facebook page likely is just going to get you directed to the Pinterest help center, you could try to use Facebook Messenger to contact Pinterest if the issue is one that needs immediate action, like an account hack.

Crowdsource Solutions To Pinterest Issues

As a last result, you can turn to the biggest Pinterest customer service resource out there, the users themselves. There are Pinterest forums on almost any social media platform. If you don’t get assistance or need a real-time solution, you can engage the different forums for help.

However, take any advice given on these forums with caution. All the other help channels have a direct relationship with the company, which serves as a sort of guarantee. However, with the independent forums, you do not know the intentions someone may have while giving you advice, and some of the information shared could be used inappropriately.

NEVER give your Pinterest account information to anyone on public forums. Take their advice and try following it yourself. Don’t allow un-trusted resources to access your account for any reason.

Just like everywhere else on the Web, be protective of your credentials.

Is There A Way To Contact Pinterest Investor Relations?

If you are thinking about investing in Pinterest or are already invested, there are a few ways to contact that Pinterest Investor Relations team. Check out these resources for more details:

In summary

Contacting Pinterest customer support can be a tough nut to crack. Try the help center and business community first. They are your best best to get a solution.

The Pinterest help center covers most of the issues you might face while on the platform and I give credit where it’s due. This kind of thorough attention to detail is not standard on similar platforms so kudos to the team for creating solutions to most of the common issues.

I hope this information help you get in contact with Pinterest customer support. I there’s anything I can help with, just leave a comment or reach out via my contact form.



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