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Content Contribution Policy

Would you like to contribute content to SocMedSean? Would you like Sean to consider writing content for your blog? The good news is, both are options!

If You’d Like To Publish On, please read the following:

I do accept article content contributions to SocMedSean, but require that they adhere to the following guidelines:

1) 1000-1200 words in length written in English
2) Can include one link back to your favorite product or service within the body of the article. Please note that per Google’s requirements these links are nofollow. Please do not ask for a dofollow link, as the request will not be granted.
3) The article should be focused on digital marketing or social media for businesses or personal/professional use
4) The submission should include a short bio of the author (150-200 words) as well as a head shot photo that I can include in the post
5) The submission MUST be an original article. I do not allow articles that have been cross-posted or spun from other articles.
6) MOST IMPORTANTLY – The article must help the reader solve a problem. 

A great example of contributed content is Good Or Bad, You Must Engage With Your Customers Through Social Media. Another good one is Using Social Media Humor Can Benefit Your Business, But Be Cautious Of The Pitfalls

If you’re interested in publishing content, just reach out using the form at the bottom of this page and we can discuss.

If You’d Like Me To Guest Post On Your Blog

I’m always interested in sharing my thoughts, experiences and social media cartoons on other blogs. If you’re interested in me writing an article, just reach out via the contact form below and we can discuss potential ideas. I have presented and written about topics relating to:

  • Social media in the workplace
  • Social media and customer service
  • Social media and Human Resources
  • Social media humor
  • Organizational communications
  • Intranets and Enterprise Content Management

If you’re not interested in a full blog post, but would like to chat about a topic relating to social media or organizational communications for a post you are writing, let me know. Examples of articles where I have contributed quotes can be found here:

I look forward to chatting with you about opportunities!


Content Contribution Request

Content Contribution Request