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What Emojis Can You Use on TikTok and How Do You Do It?

If you want to learn how to use emojis on TikTok, look no further.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, TikTok is everywhere. At the end of 2021, Forbes reported that TikTok has not just surpassed other social platforms in terms of downloads and daily users but has also become more accessed than Google itself.

The app has skyrocketed in popularity partially thanks to the creativity of its users and the ever-changing trends that lead to constantly updating videos. Many video trends, games, and filters on TikTok involve the use of emojis, which can be found across social media posts, email subject lines, and group chats as an ever-popular enhancement to digital communication.

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What Are Emojis?

What Are Emojis

Simply put, emojis are a visual representation of an emotion, object, or situation. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you can access emojis on your keyboard and use them anywhere you’d normally type text.

While people used to think of emojis as being only smiley faces, they’ve come to represent far more, from food and fashion to work and family. It’s even possible to purchase different types of emoji keyboards depending on your interests.

Emojis can be used in different apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and, yes, TikTok.

How Do Emojis Work on TikTok?

How Do Emojis Work on TikTok

Because TikTok is a video app, it can be confusing to understand how to incorporate emojis into posts. While it’s more straightforward to add emojis to your caption as it’s traditional text, you can also add emojis to your video after you’ve recorded it.

In the app, once you’ve filmed a video, emojis are added on top of the video, almost as an additional layer. The settings allow you to drag and drop the emoji you want into the frame and even decide when in the video it should appear.

While it’s relatively simple to add emojis to your video after the fact, it does require some planning when recording your video because you need to know ahead of time when and where you’d like to include them so you can be sure they fit correctly in frame.

Can I Copy and Paste an Emoji into TikTok?

Can I Copy and Paste an Emoji into TikTok

Yes, it’s possible to copy and paste an emoji into a TikTok. While the app gives users a keyboard of emojis to choose from when creating their videos, there are also a number of “hidden” or secret emojis that aren’t displayed.

These appear different from regular native emojis and have thus been deemed special. If you know the following steps, you can include these special emojis in your TikTok caption or comments.

  1. Go to the TikTok secret emoji list online
  2. Copy any emoji short code, for instance: [smile]
  3. Paste that short code into TikTok
  4. This will turn it into a custom emoji!

How Do You Get TikTok Emojis?

How Do You Get TikTok Emojis

While TikTok supports native emojis on all platforms, TikTok it also has its own emoji-like emoticon set, otherwise referred to as “hidden emojis,” which can be used by typing the emoji code or copying and pasting as discussed in the previous section.

To find these emojis, simply look up TikTok’s emoji and symbol list online to copy the codes. This will give you access to the hidden emojis when you post captions or comments in the app.

What Are Some of the Popular Emojis on TikTok? (Chair, Eye, Corn, Ninja)

What Are Some of the Popular Emojis on TikTok_ (Chair, Eye, Corn, Ninja)

When you spend time creating a video on TikTok, you want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Sometimes an emoji can help a video blow up or make it go viral on the app.

This is because TikTok is all about trends, current events, and inside jokes that stem from spending a lot of time on the app. Certain words come to signify different things, including song lyrics or popular phrases.

The same goes for emojis – while an emoji could seem like a straightforward picture of a face or an object, it can mean a lot more in the context of the TikTok app.

For instance, in late 2021 a viral trend occurred when TikTok users began flooding the comments with chair emojis. Many users were confused, and comments about what the chair emojis meant increased engagement on certain videos.

As it turns out, the trend was traced back to a TikTok creator who started an inside joke replacing laughing emojis with chair emojis. From there, the joke went viral. Other emojis that can help your video gain views or stay relevant include corn, ninjas, and eyes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about using emojis on TikTok! Please feel free to share any additional tips in the comments. Do you have any tips or questions about using emojis on TikTok? Let us know in the comments!