Facebook Brings Ads To Your Timeline – Whether You Like It Or Not

Nothing says social networking like advertisements. Right? Blech!

Apparently Facebook isn’t satisfied with targeting advertisements to you in the right-rail of the Facebook user experience. Not surprising, since just about every Web UX professional will tell you that most web surfers have developed a blindness for content that lives in the right-rail. think about it…when was the last time you actually looked at anything in that annoying ticker widget?

Facebook will soon ad sponsored ads to your Facebook feed. Do you care?

This blog post brought to you by Facebook Ads

Additionally, a great heatmap recently published by Mashable and Eyetrack shows that Facebook users page almost no attention to the content in the right-rail. Obviously, this concerns Facebook because part of their revenue stream is based on ad sales and if no one is looking at the ads, they’re certainly not clicking or buying.

ClickZ has confirmed the intent for Facebook ads to enter your feed, with the only difference between a photo post from a friend and an ad is a “Sponsored” indication at the bottom of the post.

Obviously, Facebook has to make money. Since they have committed to Facebook always being free (see their login page where they say “It’s free and always will be.”), they have to generate revenue through investors or ads. Looks like the intent is for ads to play a larger part.

Will the addition of ads to your Facebook timeline change your Facebook habits? Do you care if Facebook targets ads to you? Would love to hear thoughts in comments.




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  1. This is not good , we dont like this , i think facebook should add an option to opt-out ads from profile .

  2. Social networking like Facebook will always show their ads. They must do that to provide free facebook to anyone. Maybe it’s clearly OK… 🙂

  3. At least the ads will only show up for companies that we’ve indicated we like and not randomly selected.

    • I think the ads will actually be based on the pages that both you and your friends like. So if you can I were friends on Facebook and I liked the Starbucks page, you might see the example ad I placed above, even if you haven’t like the Starbucks page.

      It’s their way of allowing your friends’ likes to influence you.

      That’s my understanding, would appreciate clarification if anyone knows differently.


      • That is not the case, at least anymore, I only started noticing these ads today and on my timeline they are all of those adult dating sites and russian brides etc. I obviously don’t like any pages related to that stuff and it’s quite embarassing when I have ads from sites that have slutty women on the ads and looks like a porn ad on my page

  4. They’ve also changed the photo viewer which now includes ads.

  5. It is extremely annoying and nobody likes it at all. It is our own personal profile and there shouldn’t be ads on it. Ads should be on the news feed only. There should definatly be an option to disable the ads.

  6. I hate the adds on my timeline and if they are going to put them there i should be able to say what not to put on there! There was a warcraft add on my timeline and I never have “like” anything even like that! I am not pleased with this it makes me think twice about having a facebook something I never thought I’d say. One upon a time I loved facebook….. what happened?

  7. sincerly thinking of deleting my facebook, i hate these ads, invasion o privacy if you ask me!

  8. mine has pictures of “hot chicks in your area” …i don’t wanna see that on my fb page at all, i’m a girl and i wanna see hot dudes in my area lol

  9. its not Facebook its ad-ware, check out the link

  10. Jackie TwoSticks says:

    I just was able to get rid of “ads not by facebook” by getting rid of something called “bflix” and/or “TheBflix” in my Firefox add ons. I appreciate that web sites have to make money but I wonder how much the top Facebook controllers have to make? How much is Zuckerburg worth? Don’t feel compelled to help them earn more billions. Or as Abe Lincoln said: “An honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work.”

  11. I agree that they need ads and I’m fine with the ones along the side… but the sketchy ads right in the middle of our pages are not okay. I am very upset and I do not enjoy having ads all over my wall saying I’ve won laptops and stuff. No one could possibly win that many laptops :/ UUH

  12. The ads are horrible!!! I can’t stand seeing them!!! I thought my computer had a virus. There needs to be an opt out button. I hate having to deal with those horrible ads. If it weren’t because my job involves social media, I would have deleted my Facebook account.

  13. I understand that they need to make money somehow, but as a married person, I don’t appreciate the ads for the dating sites! It’s pretty annoying.

  14. Yes I care. It was bad enough when the ads were on the side bar, now they’re in my timeline as well.

    The ads aren’t even for products I’d consider buying, and I have no plan to tell FB what ads I’d prefer to see, because quite frankly, I’d prefer no ads at all. I’ll just keep reporting the ads as spam.

    I get that the company ‘has to make money’, but I’m not the average consumer. I’m not swayed by pretty ads. They’re truly wasting their time on me. lol

    As for changing how I use FB, I rarely use it anyway, except to keep up on interests. I have never loved the format. It’s just another format. And I could certainly live without it no problem. If FB continues to bombard me with ads I’ll close the account, plain and simple. It isn’t life or death for me. I can live without it. I’m not one of those people who needs to be connected 24/7.

  15. loucinda kresge says:

    I find this particularly irritating, especially since they are all ads for companies that I dislike or am idioligically opposed to such as WalMart. Facebook needs to learn to tell the difference between mentioning a company in a post in a positive way, or protesting it.

  16. Christopher ( not happy ) Patterson says:

    Remember like the government its the people who have the control. imagine if every user suddenly left Facebook in disgust you would have no money full stop. Instead of the you have no choice option you should respect the users who do not want this, as i am one of them. You can put the adverts it on the main feed but the timeline is private get the bloody adverts off or i will make a user group called Facebook don’t care about you and think your a bunch of arse. RESPECT YOUR USERS TAKE IT OFF !

  17. Seriously, all I see ad-wise lately on both Facebook and otherwise are pictures of beautiful women and their breasts with phrases like “Try me for free.” Geez, I can’t get away from it; what pisses me off is that there doesn’t seem to be a choice in the matter. I assume all kids online are seeing this too? Not a parent, so maybe there are programs that block this? I understand some people like seeing all the free “soft porn”, but what if you don’t want it? I don’t.

  18. I think it’s time we had an Alternative to facebook. They already make huge revenue from the ads without the need to ‘Actively Force’ them on you by putting them on your timeline.
    The timeline should be Private and only You should chose what to show on there.
    Like everything else, someone somewhere is out to gain as much money as they can and now Facebook have chose the same evil direction.
    Since these ads started, I have completely lost interest in Facebook and it seems a large amount of my friends have too, which is fantastic as we now talk over the phone or visit each other more ! Real Networking 🙂

    • I want another social media similar to the ways of FB and layout but without the political correctness and banning for political reasons.

      I simply think FB is gone to a point where it is fully saturated and it can’t absorb anything more. It is the common thing when people get used to some social media, that social media keeps changing what used to work with new bullshit and then they impose more bullshit just because they “think it is correct” without even asking people and without even listening to the reviews the people have to say.

      I know FB will not be the final social media, many more before FB dominated and then died.

  19. Rick Glimmer says:

    If you want advertisements to disappear YOU SHOULD CLICK ON THEM!! If more people actually did that it will stop overnight as the amount of money that has to be paid by the advertisers will not generate enough sales. that should go viral and learn (teach)companies to better promote their products on their own websites so people can find them if they want to. Stop pushing those adds, because it will drive people away!

  20. Carol Utley says:

    when I click on a post , I see all kinds of porno adds on the right. It’s a little hard NOT to notice them. They’re vulgar and offensive

  21. I am searching for a script to block these ads, this is how I found your post. I really get annoyed by them.


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