Facebook Brings Ads To Your Timeline – Whether You Like It Or Not

Nothing says social networking like advertisements. Right? Blech!

Apparently Facebook isn’t satisfied with targeting advertisements to you in the right-rail of the Facebook user experience. Not surprising, since just about every Web UX professional will tell you that most web surfers have developed a blindness for content that lives in the right-rail. think about it…when was the last time you actually looked at anything in that annoying ticker widget?

Facebook will soon ad sponsored ads to your Facebook feed. Do you care?

This blog post brought to you by Facebook Ads

Additionally, a great heatmap recently published by Mashable and Eyetrack shows that Facebook users page almost no attention to the content in the right-rail. Obviously, this concerns Facebook because part of their revenue stream is based on ad sales and if no one is looking at the ads, they’re certainly not clicking or buying.

ClickZ has confirmed the intent for Facebook ads to enter your feed, with the only difference between a photo post from a friend and an ad is a “Sponsored” indication at the bottom of the post.

Obviously, Facebook has to make money. Since they have committed to Facebook always being free (see their login page where they say “It’s free and always will be.”), they have to generate revenue through investors or ads. Looks like the intent is for ads to play a larger part.

Will the addition of ads to your Facebook timeline change your Facebook habits? Do you care if Facebook targets ads to you? Would love to hear thoughts in comments.




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