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Can You Use Facebook Messenger in Airplane Mode?

Since its 2004 launch, Facebook has grown to be the largest social media platform on the planet. Facebook has more than 2.9 billion monthly active users.

Facebook began as a way to connect people, with its news feed providing a constantly refreshing summary of the activities of your friends. While the news feed is still its fundamental core, over time Facebook has continued to evolve and grow, adding new features and functionality.

Among the most popular features of social media sites and apps are communication tools like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram’s direct messages. Facebook’s communication tool is Facebook Messenger, which started as an integrated feature within Facebook and later became its own separate app.

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Not having access to Facebook Messenger can be frustrating, such as when you are traveling on an airplane and are required to place your phone in airplane mode. A common question among users is, “Can I use Facebook Messenger in airplane mode?”

Have you ever wondered whether you can use the Facebook Messenger app while in airplane mode or when you are flying on an airplane? Here are a few insights and tips to answer the question.

What Is Facebook Messenger?

What Is Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a user-to-user communication feature built into Facebook. It allows Facebook users to connect and send instant messages, photos, videos, and perform other tasks.

Facebook Messenger was originally added to Facebook in 2011 and was so successful that Facebook added a dedicated application and website in 2014.

The Facebook Messenger application and website is an instant messaging or direct messaging service that connects to the overall Facebook database and replaced the in-app Facebook messaging service.

Facebook has continued to enhance Facebook Messenger and continues to add new functionality. Here are a few examples of what you can do in Facebook Messenger:

  • Send money to friends
  • Get weather reports
  • Order products (with the help of Facebook bots)
  • Get rides through Lyft or Uber integration
  • Send emojis, stickers, photos, and videos
  • Make phone calls with a call log history

What Is Airplane Mode?

What Is Airplane Mode

Enabling airplane mode disables a device’s cellular radio (3G, 4G, 5G, etc), WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS (on some devices) – anything that provides wireless transmission. This essentially renders your device unable to communicate with the outside world. Virtually all phones, tablets, and computers can be put into airplane mode.

Airplane mode was created because regulations and laws in many countries prohibit the use of devices that transmit signals on commercial aircraft. Most phones or cellular-enabled tablets are in constant communication with more than one cell tower simultaneously in an attempt to maintain a consistent cellular connection.

If those cell towers are far away, the device automatically boosts its signal to communicate with those farther-away towers. These boosted signals could interfere with an airplane’s sensors and potentially cause issues with sensitive navigation equipment, which could throw the airplane off course or cause other safety concerns.

Be assured that most modern airplane sensors are adequately protected from interference from phones, tablets, or computers, so there’s no need to worry that disaster will strike your plane because someone forgot to turn their phone to airplane mode.

Realistically, your biggest concern in flying without turning on airplane mode is that the constant search for a consistent connection will drain your battery in a hurry.

Whatever device you’re using—an Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows tablet, and so forth—airplane mode disables the same wireless functions.

When airplane mode is enabled, you’ll often see an airplane icon in your device’s notification bar, which appears on the top bar on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. You can still use devices on the aircraft—even during takeoff and landing—as long as airplane mode is enabled. You don’t have to completely power your device off.

Does Facebook Messenger Work in Airplane Mode?

Does Facebook Messenger Work in Airplane Mode

You may be asking, “Does Facebook Messenger work in airplane mode?” When your device is in airplane mode, you can still open the Facebook Messenger app and review any messages that you sent or received before placing your device in airplane mode.

However, you won’t be able to receive any new messages while your device is in airplane mode because airplane mode disables all wireless connections, including data and voice.

Can You Use Facebook Messenger on an Airplane?

Can You Use Facebook Messenger on an Airplane

While you can’t use Facebook Messenger while your device is in airplane mode, you may be asking, “Can I use Facebook Messenger on an airplane?” Believe it or not, the answer is actually “Yes,” but this often requires that you pay for the airline’s in-flight wi-fi.

Many airlines now let passengers purchase in-flight wi-fi. Once the wi-fi connection with your device is restored, Facebook Messenger will begin communicating with the Facebook servers, and you can then send and receive messages as you normally would.

In addition, not only can you send messages back and forth, but you can also make phone calls through Facebook Messenger through a feature called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This feature allows Facebook Messenger to act as a phone, allowing you to make free phone calls over a wi-fi connection to other Facebook Messenger users.

With this feature, if you have purchased the in-flight wi-fi on your flight, you can use Facebook Messenger to make and receive phone calls. However, it’s not recommended to make phone calls on flights because it could disturb the passengers around you. No one wants to listen to someone chatting away through a long airline flight.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and found this information useful. If you have additional tips or experiences related to using Facebook Messenger in airplane mode, I encourage you to post in the comments!