Facebook Places Dies A Hard Death….Big Surprise?

Gizmodo is reporting that Facebook places has taken a social media dirtnap. Going the path of snowball fights and gifts, it’s presumed that Facebook isn’t seeing the uptake, the value, or the ability to compete with FourSquare.

Forget the fact that Facebook Places was fraught with potential privacy issues. In fact, I spent my first weekend playing with Places by checking friends in at the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, St. Louis Arch, and Emporia, KS (why not…) just to prove that there was no validation by Facebook that you were where you said you were. At least FourSquare leverages 3G/4G and WiFi to determine if you are actually near the place you’re checking in and it doesn’t allow you to check others in with you. With Facebook, anyone could check in anywhere, regardless of where they actually were.

So, goodbye Facebook places…you will not be missed.

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