Facebook Removes The “Comments” Button Without Any Notice To Users or Developers

In case you hadn’t noticed, Facebook pulled another…well…”Facebook” today by rolling out changes to their GUI without telling anyone. As usually, they rolled out a poorly tested piece of  functionality that works as well as if…well…a 25 year old drunk grad student coded it.

This time, it’s in relation to the commenting functionality. In the past, when you wanted to comment on someone’s post you would type your message and click the “Comment” button. Facebook has now removed the Comment button and replaced it with a listener for the “Enter” key.

No more comment button...press that Enter key to submit.

This means two things:

First, you can’t have line breaks in your comments. The second you press that Enter key, your comment is published.Too bad of you wanted to type a longer comment that requires a line break. Apparently, Facebook is working hard to save bits in their databases, so in the tradition of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi…”No Line Breaks For YOU!!!” That is unless you know the super-secret trick of pressing Shift+Enter, which most folks don’t know (but now you do).

Second, be prepared for the “Oops! Something went wrong” message that frequently accompanies the Enter key. Over the past 24 hours, I have tried to comment on about 6 or 7 different posts and have received the “Oops” message about half the time. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in Firebox, IE, or Chrome…the “Oops” message is just as annoying in any browser.

Depending on what browser you are using, however, there have been a few reports of the Enter key moving around the commenting box, causing an overlay of the text and making it difficult to read the post. We’ll see if that gets cleared up quickly.

Thanks, again, Facebook for no notice or documentation via your developers blog. Nothing like scrambling to figure out how new functionality will impact my clients without any notice from you.

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