[Updated] Facebook Tip: Changing From Mobile To Desktop View On Your Phone, iPad, Or Tablet

UPDATE: iPad users, be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post, as there is an update regarding access to the full Facebook desktop in the Safari browser.

I can’t live without my tablet. First, I used the iPad and then eventually switched to an Android tablet as my primary gadget.

If you are a tablet owner, though, you probably know that apps like Twitter and Facebook treat your tablet as a mobile device by default. Instead of showing you the desktop version of a site, they automatically switch over to the mobile view of the website.

Personally, I hate the stripped-down, ad-heavy versions of the Facebook and Twitter apps, so I browse them using the native Facebook desktop view or Twitter desktop view in Safari or Chrome. The challenge, though, is finding a way to get Twitter and Facebook to ignore the fact that I’m on my tablet and serve up the Facebook desktop view.

Identifying How To Get The Facebook Desktop View On Your Tablet

It took me an hour of finding workarounds for Twitter and I document the process of switching to the Twitter desktop view (not the mobile view) of Twitter in this blog post.

Facebook can be just as infuriating, too, so I set out to find a way to view the full version of the Facebook web pages on mobile.

viewing the desktop view of facebook on your mobile device like your phone or tablet isn't always easyFacebook doesn’t make it easy for you to switch from desktop to mobile view on your mobile device, tablet, or ipad.

Most apps have a “Switch To Desktop View” link in their footer navigation, but Facebook mobile site doesn’t include one.

And to be honest, it takes a small miracle to even see the footer navigation on the mobile version of the Facebook site because the minute you scroll below the fold, the site makes  an AJAX call to add more posts to your timeline (because it thinks you’re browsing back in time) and it loads more posts.

Facebook can make it painful to view the desktop version on your tablet. Here are the steps to do it, though. Click To Tweet

The effect is that the Facebook footer navigation on their mobile site gets pushed down even further. So…if the mobile footer even had a “switch to Facebook desktop view” or  a”Facebook desktop” link you would likely never get to the point where you could see it, let alone click it.

So in an effort to not duplicate solutions created by others, I consulted Google and conducted searches like the following to find how to get the desktop version of Facebook on my mobile device:

tablet switch facebook mobile – Nope. No easy fix.

facebook not mobile version – A couple of technical articles, but no simple solution.

facebook for desktop – Nothing useful.

facebook.com on tablet or mobile device – Nope.

force facebook desktop – Again, no articles that solved it issue.

desktop facebook on tablet – AhHah!! Something helpful!

In this post on the ASUS Transformer forums, one user indicates that the standard browser on the ASUS tablet has a checkbox that stops the browser from requesting mobile sites and allows you to browse the web in desktop mode, instead of mobile mode.


To confirm, I checked the settings on my ASUS tablet and, sure enough, there it is. Mine was unchecked by default.

Make your Android tablet browse facebook using the desktop view, not the mobile viewMake your Android tablet browse Facebook using the desktop view, not the mobile view

Another note, if you don’t use the standard ASUS browser, I also checked that the Firefox mobile browser and the Chrome browser have settings to Request a desktop site.

Important Tip – Once Facebook opens in your browser, be sure that the URL for the site is https://facebook.com and not https://m.facebook.com. Facebook can get a little sneaky and redirect you to the mobile version of their site, even if you request the desktop site. No worries, though, just adjust the URL and the rest of your session will be on the standard Facebook desktop site.

In those browsers, just load up Facebook.com in your mobile browser and then choose the dropdown menu and check “Request Desktop Site” in either of these browsers. When this checkbox is ticked, the browser will send metadata that it is a desktop version of the browser and Facebook will respond by showing the Facebook desktop website, rather than the mobile version of the site. 

Can iPad Users View The Desktop Version Of Facebook?

Is there a way to force Facebook to display the desktop site on an iPad instead of the mobile site in Safari?

The answer is YES. both Safari and Chrome for iOS include the optional setting to request the desktop version of the Facebook.com site. So, using the same steps, Safari and Chrome users on the iPad or iPhone can use this link to switch to the desktop site.

iPad and iPhone users can now request the desktop version of a site from within SafariiPad and iPhone users can also request the desktop version of a site from within Safari

I hope these tips help!

If you have a better way or if you’re running into issues, be sure to post a comment below and I’ll do my best to help out!



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Viewing the Facebook desktop site on your phone, mobile device, or tablet
You can switch Facebook to show the desktop view on your mobile phone or tablet
Tips on how to change Facebook from mobile to desktop view on your tablet or iPad

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Comments And Reactions

  1. Thanks so much ur a legend. I couldnt stand the facebook mobile on my tablet so I googled and came up with ur answers. thanx for posting

  2. thanks man, so simple!

  3. Just add ?desktop=1 directly to the end of the link. You’re welcome :-]

    • This will not work for me on my Samsung tablet. It’s like facebook has confiscated my tablet and nothing will change it back to the desktop setting, using chrome. I did find I could access the website again using the samsung browser but I am still having a few issues like, trying to live stream gets hung up.

    • This does not work for me.

  4. Darth Darth Binks says

    I can’t make a post in desktop mode from my Nexus 10 without it garbling and doubling everything I type. Only does it on FB.

  5. Christy DuBois says

    Not long ago Facebook did have the option for desktop view in the footer using safari. It was easy to get to when I looked at my personal information. But they recently changed that and the option is no longer there. I’m using an iPhone 6se.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      It’s irritating that they removed the link, but Facebook is Facebook ;). That’s why I recommend bookmarking the non-mobile site in your browser so you can get back to it easily.


  6. You will be really sorry if you try to do this. Facebook JavaScript is horribly broken and doesn’t work at all in iPad browsers in desktop mode. You will spend half your day retyping comments that accidentally got deleted, that were saved completely differently and chopped up from how you typed them, hitting keys two and three times to try and get them to register, accidentally leaving the page because it suddenly hides the keyboard while you’re typing and you actually click a link that was underneath it when you didn’t mean to,etc. etc. etc. Facebook’s desktop mode is the single most annoying, broken website I have ever seen on my iPad browser’s. Any iPad browser.

    • Yes yes that’s why I want off desk top mode! I really need some help getting back to just my mobile phone app

  7. michaelanastasia says

    Thank you so much for this post! The mobile version of my Facebook jewelry page was a disaster. At least now I can look at it without vomiting.

  8. Lukša Obradović ( Luky ) says

    https://www.facebook.com/luksa.obradovic this is my mobile account i want to recover into Desktop Deskttop Account

  9. Lukša Obradović ( Luky ) says

    https://www.facebook.com/luksa.obradovic Again even Google do not know answear From Mobile to Dasktop Facebook this is my Mobile where is Facebook Developers Community

  10. Type in Facebook.com

  11. Tony Henrique says

    Thank you, solved for me on Windows Phone, There was a similar setting, where even the m.facebook.com gave a better version for this model.

  12. I still can’t get rid of the m.facebook on my samsung tablet. My newsfeed on y tablet is HUGEnow andi can’t get it back to the regular size. I tried checking “desktop’ but it didnt help. VERY FRUSTRATED….HELP PLEASE

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Nancy,

      Start with a fresh browser window in Chrome and type in https://www.facebook.com. It will redirect you to m.facebook.com because you are on a tablet. Now, use the “Request Desktop site” tip through the Chrome settings. When it switches back, it might still be pointing to m.facebook.com. Try manually changing the URL to https://www.facebook.com and see if it stops redirecting to the m.facebook.com.

      I hope that helps!

      • I tried this and it worked perfectly!!! I had gone in and deleted my history and cookies and when I tried to get to FB using Safari, it took me to the “new” and useless FB page. I have been trying all week to fix it. I am so glad I found this information. My FB is now up and running through Safari, not an App. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

      • THANK YOU!! The ‘mobile’ version of Facebook on my iPad was driving me nuts. I had no idea why it changed but now, I know how to change it back to the desktop display. Thanks for doing the research and posting it! Much appreciated.

    • What she said.
      Checking the “desktop site” option used to work, it stopped working about a week ago for me.

  13. Hi there

    I’m having a huge problem viewing my Facebook friends lists in Firefox, Safari and Chrome on my iPad, iPhone and laptop, I’ve contacted Facebook but all I get is the usual thanks for your input blaaaaaaaaaaaaah blaaaaaaaaaaaaah pffffft, you’re my last hope, I’m just wondering if it’s because I removed a second Facebook account from my iPad….??

    I’m hoping that you can help me

    Regards Jan

  14. Thank you. The facebook mobile on my ipad drives me nuts. You have solved it for me

    • Well im having trouble getting my phone to go back from “wondering what the desktop mode was” .on Facebook .. Will you help me get it off my phone please ..i just dont get it

  15. Thanks for sharing. Really helpful

  16. Thanks, Sean. The post was really helpful

  17. Can I have. Step-by-step for Safari? I don’t understand the instructions.

  18. First answer that worked! Thank you. I’ve been all over the search engines requesting help with this. Funny that my desktop computer Bing search engine listed your response but my Ipad Bing search engine did not.

  19. Alyssa Hunt says

    Hiya! I work from my iPad Pro all the time- my desktop iMac has been severely neglected. I tried downloading the Chrome app and requesting the desktop version to be given access to my Pages account. It’s impossible to reply to comments unless I have that sort of access. I was able to for a short time, but it went away, so I tried Chrome. Sadly, that wasn’t any better. I was given the option for “desktop” but it was the same as prior, in Safari. No access to my Pages Home Page. This really needs working.

  20. Thanks

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