Farewell Old Spice Guy! You will be missed, but your legacy lives on!

After a fun week of watching the Old Spice guy interact with his Twitter follower via YouTube, I am saddened to see the campaign come to an end. His caring, sensitive, and often nonsensical responses offered two elements that are critical to social media: value and interaction.

By providing entertainment and assistance to his Twitter followers (he even proposed for one), he gave back to those that gave up a few minutes of their day to watch the videos. What some marketers are missing out on is the fact that every social campaign has to offer value. Whether it’s entertainment, a coupon, or an educational opportunity if it doesn’t have value…it just won’t work.

The second success factor was the level of interaction involved in the campaign. The videos were quick, funny, and directly responded to Tweets posted by his followers. As a result, the social media world felt like they were interacting with a real human being, not just some actor paid to deliver a one-way message to the masses.

So, take notice digital marketers. If you’re looking for social success find a way to engage your audience, interact with them, and then leave them with something of value.

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