[UPDATED 2020] Fast And Easy Way To Print, Save, Or Record A Skype Conversation Or Video

Note: Since writing this article, I have received a lot of great feedback and additional tips about different ways to save a Skype chat or print a Skype conversation.

I recently added several updates to the bottom of the post that covers some additional questions and tips that I have received from readers. Be sure to read to the bottom of the post to see if those answer your questions. Skype is always making changes to their chat tool and even adding different features for Skype for business chat. As I see things change, I will continue to add updates to the post.

If you have a suggestion that could help others, be sure to add a comment! I have already incorporated a few changes from readers into the post. 

I find Skype to be one of the most useful tools out there when it comes to connecting with people around the globe. Whether it’s video chat with family or using it to instant message with my development team in India, it has become a staple tool for communicating.

One limitation I have found, however, is that Skype doesn’t allow you to easily output, save, or print the communication stream.

Skype doesn't provide an easy way to save a conversation, here are a few tips on how to save it yourself. Click To Tweet

There are back-end ways that folks who are tech-trained can get to the saved conversations, but I thought I’d share a quick tip that anyone can use to save or print their Skype conversations.

Saving Skype Chat History For Older Versions Of Skype

If you are running on an older version of Skype, try this method. If you are using a more recent version of Skype or this method doesn’t work, keep reading, there are more options to try. 

To save your Skype conversation or chat history:

Step 1 – When you Skype chat session is completed, right-click on any of the messages in the conversation and choose “Select All” from the dropdown menu.

To select all of the messages in the conversation, right-click on any message

Step 2 – With all of the messages selected, right-click on any message and choose “Copy Selection” from the dropdown menu.

Choose to copy the selection in your Skype conversation

NOTE: Be sure not to select “Copy Message” or that will only copy the single message in the conversation that you right-clicked.  Be sure to click “Copy Selection”

Step 3 – Next, open Notepad or Microsoft Word and create a new document.

Create a new blank Microsoft Word or Notepad document where you can save your Skype conversation

Step 4 – In the empty document, right-click anywhere and choose “Paste” from the dropdown menu. The contents of the entire conversation, including the sender name and the timestamp are added to your new document.

Paste the content of the clipboard to your document and you can then save or print your Skype conversation

Step 5 – Choose File –> Print or File –> Save and you have the ability to print or save the entire conversation.

You can print or save your document that contains the entire Skype conversation

NOTE: One reader made a comment that you can also use Microsoft Word as the destination for pasting the Skype conversation, which is absolutely accurate. You can paste your Skype conversation into any text-based reader.

If you want to email it to yourself to be able to save and refer back to later, just paste it into an Outloook email or a Gmail email.

Really, anywhere you need to paste it that will accept text will suffice.

I know it’s not the ideal way to be able to archive Skype conversations, but until Skype gives us the ability in their native app, it’s a solid workaround that works every time.

Know of a better way? I’m always open to hearing new suggestions, so add it to the comments section.

Until then, happy Skyping!


Update 1 – What If I Already Closed The Skype Conversation?

I recently ran into a situation where I had a Skype conversation with one of my team members, where they shared some instructions with me. After I had already closed the conversation (without printing or saving it, of course), I was like “Dang…I wish I had printed that!”

So, I hunted down the way to print or save a Skype conversation even after the conversation had been closed.

It turns out that Skype keeps a log of the chats for each contact that you have in your account. To see the previous conversation:

Step 1 – Click on the Contacts tab in the Skype app. When you display the contact, Skype shows you the previous conversations.

Step 2 – Then just right click on the conversation and choose Select All. Like the tip above, it will highlight the entire conversation.

Step 3 – Right-click on the highlighted text (be sure you are on the text) and choose “Copy Selected”.

Step 4 – Follow the steps above to paste the text into Notepad, MS Word, or your email client if you want to email it to yourself.

Step 5 – From Notepad or Word, you can either print a physical copy or your can save it as a document for future reference.

I hope that helps!



Update 2 – Can I Record The Skype Conversation Using A Screen Recorder?

Another good question from a reader on this topic:

Hey Sean – What about just recording the conversation as it starts? Do you have a good recommendation for screen recording software that could record the online chat? Bonus if that same software could act as a call recorder for audio calls.


Mike H.

That’s a great question, Mike…and one that I actually do have an answer for. And the best thing is it’s a tool that works great to record chats and call on both PC and Mac!

In my experience, Snagit is the tool that would give you all these options and I think it’s one of the best tools to have, anyway. With Snagit, you can:

  • Screen record any activity that is happening on your computer screen, including Skype chats and calls
  • Record video from your webcam
  • Record audio, including the audio from either your computer’s microphone or from the system sounds
  • Trim video clips after you record them. The nice thing about this is it allows you to trim a 30 minute video call down to 10-15 minutes by editing out all the non-relevant chatter.
  • Toggle back and forth between your webcam and your computer screen while you are recording. This is especially nice because it allows you to switch to show who is talking.

In addition to being able to do all that for video, Snagit is also an outstanding screen capture tool, one that anyone who needs to grab screen captures of charts and graphs from your computer screen needs. At ~$50 for the software, it’s been a great purchase for me and I keep on recommending it to others.

If you can to give Snagit a try, they do offer a free trial. While it’s not completely free screen recording and editing software, at least you can test it first and see if the $50 is worth the investment.

Hope that helps! If you know of a completely free tool to do screen recording let me know.



Update 3 – Ecamm For Mac Can Record Skype Videos

Thanks to Dave C. for sharing another tip with me. Apparently, ECamm is another software tool that was designed specifically to record Skype video calls. They have a pretty good video on their site detailing how it works and it looks pretty nice.


Unfortunately, I’m PC-based, so I can’t test it out.

I’d love to hear whether others have had good experiences using ECamm on their Mac for recording Skype conversations. Leave a comment if you have some experience with the software.



Update 4 – New Skype Updates Means A New Process For Selecting

Thanks to comments from DizzyNC and Midsummer100 below, they alerted me to some changes to the Skype interface. It looks like Microsoft has removed the “Select All” option from the dropdown menu and replaced it with “Select Messages”.

To save Skype conversations in the more recent versions of Skype, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open the Skype chat that you want to save or export.

Step 2 – Right-click on any of the messages in the Skype message history and choose “Select Messages” from the dropdown menu.

The new Skype menu removed Select All and replaced it with Select MessagesThe new Skype dropdown menu removed “Select All” and replaced it with “Select Messages”.

Step 3 – Once you click “Select Messages”, the Skype interface changes by adding circles to the right of each message.

Step 4 – Click each circle like a checkbox to indicate that you want to select the message.

Once you click

Step 5 – Once you have the messages selected that you want to save, click the “Copy” button at the bottom of the messages and all of the checked messages will be added to the clipboard.

Once you have selected the Skype messages you want to keep, click the Copy button

Step 6 – From there, you can paste the contents into a text document, MS Word document, or email and save them for posterity.

The nice thing about this change is you no longer have to save every message in the conversation. You can pick and choose the ones that you want to archive. The downside is you have to go through and click each and ever message that you want to save.

Want to save the entire conversation? You have to click every single message. Blech!

One interesting note is you can now forward chunks of a conversation to another Skype user by selecting certain messages and then clicking the “Forward” button. Might be useful if you want to share some pertinent information with another user who wasn’t part of the original conversation.

Thanks, again, for the comments and help! It keeps the post fresh and ensures that readers are getting the best information.



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Tips for saving or printing a Skype chat conversation for history
How do you save a skype conversation once it has ended? Here are the steps

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Comments And Reactions

  1. Melanie Carlson says

    You can also paste it into Word.

  2. Jerusalem - Capital of Hebrews says

    This was helpful. Thanks a lot. It would have been even better if the chat was saved in Skype format as it gets saved in text format only. But anyway its better than losing chat history. Thanks again.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      I agree that text isn’t necessarily the best format, since you lose any images and/or icons. But at least it saves the text and makes it searchable for future reference.


  3. I can’t get this to work…. When I right click the option to select all is not there. If I CTRL A it doesn’t select all…

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Midsummer100,

      It looks like Microsoft made some updates. In the new version of Skype, when you right-click, you should see “Select Messages” rather than “Select All”. Once you click that, circles appear to the right of each message. You can then choose the messages you want to select by clicking the little circle to the right of each messages and then choose copy at the bottom of messages. Once you have copied them to the clipboard, you can paste them into an email, MS Word, or any text editor tha t you choose.

      Hope that helps!


      • i want to copy 3 months conversation ..its not posible to select one by one..need help

      • Hi,
        I tried this, (Sean’s reply to Midsommer), I could select messages as described, circles were ticked, messages were selected, and when I pressed ‘copy’ at the bottom of the page it said ‘copied to clipboard’. However, when I tried pasting into a document, (I’m using Libra Open Office, which worked on the previous version of pasting skype chat.) literally only the name of the contact and time of the chat was pasted. None of the selected messages would appear. Any other insights anyone? Thanks for the article. At least got this far.

  4. Yeah, I don’t have the “Select All” option either. It seems MS removed that option it later versions. Has someone found a way around this?

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      Hi Dizzync,

      If you right click on a Skype conversation, you should see “Select Messages” rather than “Select All”. Once you click that, you can choose the messages you want to select by clicking the little circle to the right of each messages and then choose copy. Once you have copied them to the clipboard, you can paste them into an email, MS Word, or any text editor tha t you choose.

      Thanks for letting me know about the change, I will update the post.


  5. Hello. When I was trying to copy Skype conversation feom telephone, after selecting all messages the only option I have on tbe top is forward to anotber skype conversation. What should I do? I forwarded to another friend who agrees just to not loose it , but they arrived (even I selected tbem all one by one at the same time)) in different order, so the content is unclear. Thank you

  6. But did you notice that in the latest version, and even in the web preview version, when you try to copy the text and paste it, it just pastes everything as a bunch of text with no line breaks, and some missing spaces too! Without somehow reformatting it and adding line breaks and spaces, it’s hard to read. It’s like MS went out of their way to make it hard to just copy a log for some reason! MS wants to be the only one who has a copy of it. Pretty bizarre. I’m sure it’s possible to write a plugin for the web version that would log the chats into a file, but of course you need to be a programmer… Maybe someone will do it.

  7. I might have a solution for now! I just tested Miranda NG, which is a light universal IM client which is able to communicate with the Skype network. It provides a log which is easy to copy and paste into any application with timestamps up to the second. I only started to test it and will see how it goes.

  8. Sammy Michaels says

    Microsoft has essentially destroyed Skype. Years ago we debated in our Economics class if there was an opposite to “technological progress”. Microsoft proves there is. Our whole office used to revolve around Skype. Now I’m the only user in the office and that makes it pretty useless. Are they intentionally destroying Skype in order to move users to other platforms or is it just the typical arrogant incompetence?

    • No, I think they just hired some silly programmers who are using some boilerplate code to make a client that is kind of platform independent. They also don’t see the point of letting anybody keep logs, and figure it’s only a few people that care about that. I think that very little thought goes into any of this. If you notice Skype is pretty similar now to all the other messaging clients. They are using the same type of display protocol it seems… Miranda NG seems to be working fine with Skype and lets you copy and paste the logs with color and formatting to Word…

  9. Still testing Miranda NG as a replacement for Skype. (It does use the Skype protocol, after you download the program, click on Skype protocol on the main page on the website and it will take you to the Wiki page which lets you download the Skype DLLs which you need to add to the program folders) Miranda is highly customizable and I’ve been able to change text size and colors, including a full selection of all system fonts! So this is really an excellent solution for anybody who can’t stand the look of the new Skype with its hard to read font and a whole lot of 3 size choices! It also can log chats to disk and as I mentioned you can copy the chats directly to Word with full color and formatting or to other programs. What a great find!

  10. The new Copy functionality only copies the sender, time of day and message text. It does NOT include the date, The results can be confusing for a long running conversation

  11. All I want to do is copy an entire Windows PC (Desktop) Skype v842 chat to a document file in three (3) easy steps like I do with everything else in Windows:
    1. Select everything (CTRL-A)
    2. Copy everything selected to the Windows clipboard (CTRL-C)
    3. Paste the contents of the Windows clipboard into the document file (CTRL-V)

    This has been the universal Windows procedure for such a task… until now.

    The Skype v8.42 developers and programmers have utterly broken this protocol and come up with a really lousy, non-intuitive, incomprehensible user interface to boot.

    They individually and collectively deserve to be castrated (males), forcibly deflowered (females) and then taken out and shot!

    How did the Microsoft product managers allow this to happen???

    It’s utter stupidity like this that might yet turn me into an Apple person.

    P.S. Your article and information provided were poorly written, lacked the necessary detail, didn’t work, and was totally useless.

    • Sean R. Nicholson says

      I hear you on the issue, Joe. It’s irritating that MS keeps changing the ability to save and print a Skype conversation.

      In 8.4.2, however, update #4 works. I just tried it. Maybe you were to angry to get that far, but you can select the conversations that you want to print and then copy or forward them.

      Hope that helps.


  12. Andreas Damm says

    Hallo Sean,

    a great thank you for your troubles taken.
    I think, instead of a medal pinned to your breast, MS should send you a cheque for a few thou dollars, that you help their users get things done.

    I agree with you and all the frustrated users, that MS is meanwhile employing programmers, who don´t seem to know their left hand from their right hand.

    In any case, your hints have helped me enormously and you made me happy!

    Thanks once more and take care,

    Andreas from Hamburg/Germany

  13. Great post

  14. I tried all these things for Skype version none of these were the solution.
    The official method looked like crap and didn’t keep the conversation and pictures together.
    What did work was cheating… So log into the web version of Skype in a Chrome browser.
    make sure you have this browser plugin PLUS the pro addon FIRESHOT CAPTURE (it did not charge me.)
    Fully load the conversation by continuously scrolling to the top of the conversation.
    now Scroll down to the bottom to make sure you can see all the sections of the conversation
    Now click the FIRESHOT selection/element capture selection, hold the crtl key and click the right window, it will auto scroll and save the whole conversation a very clear PDF. You can even edit the exported PDF for searching using Nitro PDF editor. One of my chats were 127 pages! GOOD LUCK!

  15. https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA34894/how-do-i-export-my-skype-files-and-chat-history

    Use the link above to sign into your Skype account.
    Select the option to download your Conversations, Files or both, and then select Submit request.
    When your request is complete, you’ll receive a notification in Skype with a link to view or download your file. If you don’t receive a notification in Skype, check the export page. A link to download your files will also appear there once they are available to download.
    Click the Download button to download your files.

    After the extracting the file, you will see your extracted messages file named messages.json file in the directory. We recommend downloading the file viewer [from the link mentioned above] to make it easier to read your conversation history.
    After downloading the viewer, open it by selecting the index.html file from the skype-parser folder.
    Browse to the messages.json file and then click the Load button.

  16. In my Skype, neither the Select All or Select Messages works. Each line must be copied one at a time.

  17. Thanks !

  18. It seems that Microsoft ALWAYS makes things more difficult>

    what’s wrong with ‘select all’???

    it takes a great deal longer/more work to have to go through weeks or months of group conversations and select each individual post

    why is it so hard to just highlight some things and copy?

    why does microsoft have to change caps in email to lower case? or add mailto: in front of an email address?

    I LOVED skype – until microsoft messed it up.

    it used to be really easy to go back in history…

    sorry for the rant….just tired of people deciding what they think is the beet way to do something – and adding to my already overloaded plate

  19. Sean, as you now know, Skype has changed and the method you describe in your original article no longer works.
    It would take hours to manually select each line of conversation that is months long!

    MS knows this. They deliberately did not give the user the ability to copy the entire conversation.
    Sean, or anyone else, do you have a workaround for this problem?
    I’m talking about selecting an entire conversation (months long), quickly and easily and copying it to a text-editing program . Thanks.

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