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  1. Peregrine John says

    Got a much better way, for those who use a real camera: Don’t use Instagram.

    Works like a charm, and will until they get it together.

  2. I have been using “Websta for Instagram” from I use the Chrome extension. There is a Opera ext. and app in the Google play store. It’s very simple to use and when I check my instagram from my browser it takes less than 30 secs to show up. It is just for uploading to instagram from computer.

    • Mistress Didi* Blackthorn says

      Thank you! Love it! Perfect!

    • LOVE! This is the MOST perfect solution! I’m totally addicted to Chrome and its extensions. I create my images first in camera, Photoshop and/or Lightroom. I only use my phone for calls. I love my big screen iMac, ya know. I’ve tried so many things. This is so easy peasy! THANK YOU. @[email protected]:disqus. You rock!

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