Flavors.me – Create Your Social HomePage In Five Minutes

A colleague recently turned me on to flavors.me, a new offering that provides users with the ability to build a homepage that publicizes your social media properties. At first, I was a bit underwhelmed by the concept, but after playing with the site and setting up my own home page, I think it’s actually a pretty good idea. Here are the highlights:

1) flavors.me offers you the chance to create a single homepage linking to your various social properties. I find this useful, because you can point people to one place, rather than having to send them to Twitter, your LinkedIn account, or your blog. In my case, I run multiple Twitter accounts and multiple blogs, so I can easily send people to flavors.me/seanrnicholson and they can link to all my properties from there.

2) The free version of flavors.me gives quite a few options and is pretty easy to set up with no technical knowledge required. I already had a background created that I use for Twitter, so it took me about five minutes to choose a layout, add links to my social networks, create a short description, and upload my background.

3) With respect to customizing the design, Flavors.me allows you add a background, choose font style and size, and select from a few layout choices. The paid version also allows you to upload a favicon (the small icon that shows next to the URL in your browser). If you don’t have a background image, the free version also allows you to choose the background color and font colors.

4) When users click on the links to your social networks, flavors.me displays them in the page using an AJAX layer, which means that it feels like your page is more like a mini-website. It’s a nice touch that aggregates your content in a single place.

While flavors.me is certainly not a replacement for a full-blown blog, if you don’t the time or energy to maintain a blog, flavors.me offers a simple, straightforward way to create a social media presence.

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