Updated: It’s Your Toilet Calling! What Germs Are On Your Mobile Device?

How clean is your cell phone? You’d probably be disgusted to know. Which? Magazine recently conducted a  test to determine which was dirtier; a cell phones, or a toilet flush handle. Guess which one lost? The clear loser was the cell phone with the tested mobiles having high levels of faecal Coliforms and Enterobacteriaceae. Yuck!

And it’s not just your mobile phone…it’s any technology that you touch with your hands. Mobile phones, keyboards, TV remote controls, light switches. Just take a look at this great infographic put together by the fine folks at KeepItKleen.com

How gross is the technology that you touch with your hands? Mobile phones, remotes and keyboards are covered with germs

The story reminded me of a story by Jose Fermoso a while back in Wired magazine, discussing the fact that people tend to drop their phones in the toilet quite frequently.  Some folks, like the 3G Doctor Blog are calling for a washable mobile device, especially for those in the health care industry. After reading the Which? study, I’m thinking it’s a great idea.

Have thoughts on the need for a washable device or a tips on keeping your mobile clean? Share them with us!

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