Holy Cow! Apple iOS 5.0.1 Resolves Some Crashing Issues With The iPad

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty vocal in my irritation with Apple recently. After updating my iPad  to iOS 5, I converted my previously bulletproof tablet to a hunk of junk that crashed almost every time I loaded up Mail, Safari, StumbleUpon and EverNote. At first, I thought it was the Cloud services introduced in iOS 5, and turning off the services seemed to help at first. After some further testing, however, the crashes continued to manifest themselves, just not as frequently.

Basically, everything I loved about my iPad had crashed and burned…and my faith in Apple was shaken.

In case you haven’t been following along, here are the links to the articles:

Here’s the good news, though. I just updated my iPad to iOS 5.0.1 and initial testing shows FEWER CRASHES! I’ve been playing with it now for about an hour, opening and closing, stumbling and browsing, and I’ve only experienced 2 crashes. Previously, in an hour of using the device, it would crash ever 5-10 minutes. Obviously, the issue isn’t completely resolved, but at least it’s made my tablet more usable.

So, for anyone who has been experiencing crashes on either the iPad 1 or 2 after the iOS 5 update, give the iOS 5.0.1 update. Since you no longer need to connect to a computer, you can update anywhere you have WiFi or 3G. Just go to Settings > General > Software Update and walk through the steps to perform the upgrade.

Good luck and let us know if this resolved your crashing issues.



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  1. BTW…if you are an iPad 1 owner, I still don’t recommend upgrading to 5.0 or 5.0.1 until Apple requires it. The value that either OS update brings to the iPad 1 is minimal and not worth risking the stability of your tablet.


  2. Tom Campbell says:

    I took advantage of the on air upgrade to IOS 5.0.1.

    Of course, since everyone’s set of apps etc is different we may have different results. This morning I had Skype crash in the middle of a session. First time for that. Plus I have had more random crashes than I ever had with IOS 4.

    The nice thing about IOS compared to older versions of Windows is that the apps just die by themselves rather than bringing the house down with them. I am impressed by Windows 7 in that regard. It is by far the most stable of the M$ products in my eyes.

    I am sure the angry ghost of Steve Jobs will be haunting the corridors of Apple. He may even haunt me as I am suggesting that IOS 5 is less stable than Windows 7. Heresy! I’m sure Shakespeare could make a neat play about it.

    Plus and minus:
    I really like the page search feature added to Safari. +++++
    There used to be the ability to touch somewhere on the top of Safari and you would scroll to the top of the web page. It seems to have disappeared. ——-

    • Tom,

      Are you seeing any reduction in crashes, other than the new crash with Skype? My mail crashes and Safari crashes seemed to have reduced significantly but I did have a StumbleUpon crash this morning. I don’t think iOS 5.0.1 has resolved all the crashing issues, but at least it appears to be a step in the right direction.

      Unfortunately, this is probably my last iPad for a while. I’m in the market for a new tablet and I think I may head over to Android. I’m not suggesting it’s a better OS, just more open and the hardware offers a lot more features (USB ports, SD slots, etc…).

      I haven’t checked out Windows 7 on a tablet, maybe I’ll take a look.


  3. Tom Campbell says:


    My unscientific guess is that IOS 5 crashes way more than 4. With 4 I really did not know that iPad crashed. I can’t tell if 5.01 is better. But it is not as good as 4.

    My world is about to change. The company bought me an iPad 2. So we will see how that goes. My iPad 1 goes to the new guy. It’s the pecking order – what can I say?

    Plus I have a Kindle Fire on the way. I want to test our company’s websites on it, plus anything else it does. I’ll send you a report.

  4. IOS 5.0.1 – yes, I have it. and i suspect it solved one problem (crashes, which I didn’t really have too many of in IOS 5) but created a much worse problem – apps won’t update and are locked in “waiting mode” and new ones won’t download at all.

  5. Can’t stand IOS 5, it’s been frustrating as hell. Our family has 2 ipad1’s, 3 ipod touches, 2 iPhones, 2 iMac computers….used to love macs, but just lately there’s a feeling of being watched!
    Having found the battery life to be worse, and the lag / crash issues a problem, I decided to keep my iPhone on the old IOS…..that was until I tried to purchase a new ring tone, and I got a message back to tell me that I couldn’t download until I upgraded to IOS 5. Yes they took my money, then made me upgrade to be able to access my purchase!
    Next step, I reluctantly upgraded to 5, got the new ring tone, but lost the two other ringtones I had already purchased and used. They’d disappeared, apart from the fact that they were in the iTunes library (on the imac) trying to move them from the library to the iphone was impossible…so I tried to download them again from the store…..not a problem, but for the fact that they charged me for them again! I was beginning to think it was just me and mine that were having problems, as the Apple site doesn’t show that others are experiencing the same issues….now I know that they are deleting the complaints….glad I came across your blog, such a relief to find a different sort of community!
    Regards Carolyn

  6. Carol Fahy says:

    I have an IPad One and its been crashing alot for two weeks now. It doesn’t crash with Safari, but everything else I use on it crashes. So upsetting! I went to Settings, then General however I don’t have a Software Update section. what do I do to get the 5.0.1. upgrade?

  7. I just upgraded my ipad (1) to ios 5.1 but I see no improvements in speed whatsoever! Typing with the on screen keyboard is still a pain!!
    Far fewer crashes though but still that’s not good enough? Is apple telling us it’s time to move on?As much as I love their products I just hate their policies or how they treat their customers.

  8. I am extremely disappointed at Apple. During the past months, it’s been nothing but downhill with their products. Lion is the worst version of OS X ever. IOS 5.x crashes all the time…
    I purchased my first iPhone immediately after it was released. It was magical, innovative, stable. Now, because of how unstable my idevices have become, instead of upgrading to an iPhone 4s, I upgradaded to a Galaxy Nexus and I couldn’t be happier. Android ICS is much nicer than IOS 5.x and I can finally surf the web without experiencing a crash every 10 minutes. I love the iPad 3’s retina display. But how good is it if it’s still as unstable as an elephant riding a unicycle? I would switch to an Android tabled in a heartbeat if a few apps that I use all the time were available for it. If Apple doesn’t fix IOS, soon, no lawsuit will keep Android from taking over the market.

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